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TADHack-mini Orlando at Avaya ENGAGE: The Results

TADHack-mini Orlando at Avaya ENGAGE ran on 11-12th December. It’s a hybrid hackathon (in-person and remote) about using Avaya’s and its partners’ resources (Subspace, Telnyx, Toolwire, Red Hat, and Google) to solve problems that matter to you. You can see all the resources here. This year’s theme, Succeeding in a Hybrid World, focuses on answering … Continue reading TADHack-mini Orlando at Avaya ENGAGE: The Results

TADHack South Africa Winner: Maftuha

(by Adela Bootha and Talhah Patelia) A big thank you to TADHack, TADHackZA, Alan Quayle and MTNZA for another fantastic Hackathon. Once again we enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the incredible sponsors and to connect with like-minded individuals. This was my third year competing and I have grown tremendously. Due to Covid19, schools and … Continue reading TADHack South Africa Winner: Maftuha

Marquis de Geek’s TADHack Global 2021 Review

Thank you to Steve Goodwin for the excellent feedback. The original weblog is here, this is a copy. I’m writing this the week after TADHack finished, and all the prizes have been cashed. However, all these thoughts were had during the hackathon itself, before even the local prizes were announced, so the results have not … Continue reading Marquis de Geek’s TADHack Global 2021 Review

Review of Citrus Harmony, TADHack Orlando Winner

Summary Chatbot that automates booking on a calendar. The final product ended up being a proof-of-concept, but we were close to making a full demo by the end of the event. TADHack is an event that challenged us with unfamiliar tech. We gathered as a team a week before the event to hash out the … Continue reading Review of Citrus Harmony, TADHack Orlando Winner

TADHack Global 2020 Results

Even though this was the toughest year ever to put TADHack Global together. All the hardcore hackers, those that hack through a pandemic, achieved impressive TADHack Global 2020 results. We passed 700 registrations over the weekend, with half of them coming from South Africa. Several locations had additional lockdown measures being imposed over the TADHack weekend, making … Continue reading TADHack Global 2020 Results

TADHack London / Bristol / UK

London has been part of TADHack since 2015, when we ran our first TADHack-mini before the WebRTC Global Summit. Mini’s are smaller hackathons focused on one location.  Ideal London has generously supported TADHack London through the years. For 2020 Idea London is needed for office space given social distancing requirements. However, TADHack Global 2020 sponsor Simwood have … Continue reading TADHack London / Bristol / UK

TADHack Popayán / Colombia 2020

Thank you to the amazing Centro de desarrollo tecnológico CreaTIC team based in Popayán, Colombia. They promote and strengthen technology-based entrepreneurship in the department of Cauca. This will be their 4th year leading TADHack Popayán. We’re proud of all they have achieved, it is truly world-class. Recently ANDRES MACA became a Software Engineer at VeriTran, a TADHack Popayán winner. We reported … Continue reading TADHack Popayán / Colombia 2020

TADHack Chicago / North America 2020

TADHack Chicago / North America  run by the Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications Labs has been part of TADHack since the beginning in 2014. The Chicago dev community and the area’s students (both high school and university) have generated year-on-year world-class hacks. We’re hoping to have both in-person, and most definitely remote hacking at TADHack … Continue reading TADHack Chicago / North America 2020

TADHack Asia Pacific 2020

Given the pandemic, we’re running an Asia Pacific Virtual Hub, rather than physical locations. Mark White, Roshni Fernando, and Jose-Maria Recio are the organizers; they’ve been with TADHack since the beginning. If you’re based in the Asia Pacific and want to take part in TADHack Global, this is the registration for you. We wanted to … Continue reading TADHack Asia Pacific 2020