3 step guide to participating in TADHack (and maybe even winning)

By Martin Zaleski, Bruno Panelli, and Guillermo Paterson. Their hack SafePlace won the 1st place Buenos Aires Location Prize using Telestax, Vidyio.io and Apifonica. They provide here a 3 step guide to taking part in TADHack 🙂 1) Find a problem and think of a solution This was our first hackathon (for the three of … Continue reading 3 step guide to participating in TADHack (and maybe even winning)

TADHack London PhoneGuard Review

Last weekend I attended my first ever TADHack Global in London.  Over the past couple of years I’ve attended other hackathons but never TADHack. Its focused on using programmable telecoms, which turns out to be incredibly fun and powerful. We created a hack PhoneGuard using Apifonica that won the Apifonica global prize. Thanks to everyone … Continue reading TADHack London PhoneGuard Review

Project Clearwater over RINA

Last weekend, I attended the TADHack Global hackathon in London.  I’d attended a few of the previous hackathons, in particular hacking on Matrix a couple of times, but this time it was the “RINA Rumble” challenge that most appealed. RINA is the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture, a modern replacement for both TCP and IP.  It’s still … Continue reading Project Clearwater over RINA

TADHack St Petersburg: Lessons we learned on TADHack 2017

by Pavel Katunin, Vlad Berkuta Hi there, we are the team consists of two developers that  won 1st place in Saint Petersburg, and we would like to share some of our thoughts on the two days we participated in the Tad Hack. It was a great event and we had a chance to learn a … Continue reading TADHack St Petersburg: Lessons we learned on TADHack 2017

TADHack Athens: IoT SMS Monitoring & Controlling

by George Gkitsas and Christos Papantonis Scope Usually, the end nodes of an IoT setup have two responsibilities, one is to monitor a process and the other one to control or to act on   it. Since the end nodes are remote devices, there is a need for some kind of connectivity in order to communicate … Continue reading TADHack Athens: IoT SMS Monitoring & Controlling

Wrapping up TADHack Global 2017

Thank you to everyone who took part in TADHack Global 2017! Especially the 65+ partners and 5 global sponsors: Apifonica, Matrix, Telestax, Temasys, and Vidyo. You made possible the largest global hackathon over one weekend, well two this year. TADHack has grown yet again, with over 3300 registrations, quite a few locations had close to … Continue reading Wrapping up TADHack Global 2017

TADHack London 2017

For TADHack Global’s second weekend, I ran TADHack London 2017 in cooperation with UCL and Idea London. London has been part of TADHack since 2015, where we’ve run global and mini events over the years. The themes I took from London this year are an impressive increase in hack quality, augmentation of conversations through the … Continue reading TADHack London 2017

TADHack Global 2017 Winners

We ran a live stream on the 2nd October to announce all the TADHack Global 2017 winners across all locations, ArcFire challenge, and global sponsors’ prizes from Apifonica, Matrix, Telestax, and Vidyo. We’re missing the the Lusaka location winners, and the Telestax video. We’ll update the content when it becomes available. Below I list out … Continue reading TADHack Global 2017 Winners