Global Keynotes

This weblog reviews the global keynotes streamed live from Lisbon on the 13th June, all times are local to Lisbon. Please see here for the timings at your location. The keynotes provide a unique insight into the vision and experiences of the industry’s thought leaders. 13:00  Welcome from Alan Quayle 13:10 Jonathan Christensen, Co-Founder and … Continue reading Global Keynotes

Third Space Learning by Steev Goodwin

Third Space Learning aims to make specialist one-to-one numeracy tuition available to as many children as possible, in a format that is directed by Teachers. To achieve this we have taken a global approach to maths talent; recruiting and training Maths graduates from one part of the world, to help teach students in another. We … Continue reading Third Space Learning by Steev Goodwin

PSTN at LyteSpark by Igor Pavlov, CTO

LyteSpark is a video conferencing platform for businesses and communities. Both IT start-ups and established companies use 3rd party services, there are no general rules dictating when you should develop some modules yourself. However, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself before taking decisions: “Is this area our core competence? If not, … Continue reading PSTN at LyteSpark by Igor Pavlov, CTO

TADHack Ireland: bridging the web and telecom worlds

TADHack is a grass roots initiative focused on building a software centric telecom application developer ecosystem and on June 13-14 2015 this ecosystem will bloom in Dublin as it connects live into 14 other locations across the world to participate in TADHack Global 2015. TADHack Dublin will host a diversity of individuals with skills in user … Continue reading TADHack Ireland: bridging the web and telecom worlds

Matrix Bot by Scott Barstow and Anders Brownworth

By Scott Barstow and Anders Brownworth In early April I had the opportunity to participate in TADHack-mini London, an event focused on WebRTC.  As I thought about what kind of project I wanted to build, I kept coming back to the idea of combining the Internet of Things (IoT) with WebRTC in some interesting way.  … Continue reading Matrix Bot by Scott Barstow and Anders Brownworth

WebRTC Lights from Neil Stratford

By Neil Stratford (@neilstratford) For the WebRTC themed London TADHack-mini I wanted to build something that demonstrated WebRTC in a different way, that wasn’t traditional audio or video communication. The hack, WebRTC Lights, has its roots in the festive season, the idea being to replace boring old strings of blinking lights with modern LED strips, … Continue reading WebRTC Lights from Neil Stratford

TADHack Israel is on the 12 and 14th June

TADHack Israel location is thanks to the Microsoft Ventures Israel: 13 Shenkar st. Bldg. L1 6th floor Herzlia Israel Intel’s IoT team is sponsoring and running the location. The planned schedule is: Friday 12th 8AM-6PM, global keynotes will be streamed at 3PM, with pitches being recorded from about 4PM for those who are ready. The … Continue reading TADHack Israel is on the 12 and 14th June

Forge by Acision Developer Resources Webinar

Acision provides next-gen communication APIs and SDKs to help businesses connect and collaborate more efficiently using secure SMS, IP messaging, voice, and video. Peter Dunkley, one of the creators of Forge by Acision, will provide an introduction to forge. It is hosted and secured in their cloud, so developers can create and scale wow-moments on … Continue reading Forge by Acision Developer Resources Webinar

TADHack is for Everyone

At TADHack last year I mentioned an aspect of the winning teams was diversity. The teams included product people, user experience people, and programmers. And there was also diversity in the sexes, here are some examples: Famous4Money with Jairo Canales, Francisco, Sergio, Mar, and Natalia WhatsPeer with Luis, Maria and Alex SuperStreamer with Arjun and … Continue reading TADHack is for Everyone

Intel Sponsors TADHack

We are proud to announce that Intel will be sponsoring TADHack Global 13-14 June, their focus will be IoT (Internet of Things). As their tagline goes, ’The Internet of Things starts with Intel Inside(R).’ Intel helps connect things to the cloud, integrate with existing infrastructure, and securely manage data. You can download Intel’s IoT developer … Continue reading Intel Sponsors TADHack