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This weblog reviews the global keynotes streamed live from Lisbon on the 13th June, all times are local to Lisbon. Please see here for the timings at your location. The keynotes provide a unique insight into the vision and experiences of the industry’s thought leaders.

13:00  Welcome from Alan Quayle

13:10 Jonathan Christensen, Co-Founder and CEO, Wire

jonathan christensenJonathan is passionate about IP communications and co-founded Wire to make effortless conversations a reality. He has two decades of experience shipping products in startups and more established enterprises such as Time Warner Communications, Camino Networks, Skype, and Microsoft. He was a pioneer in the earliest consumer broadband services, the industry’s first mass market commercial SIP products, and the advanced internet audio and video signal processing stack’s included in Skype and webRTC. He thrives when working with design and engineering teams on meaningful challenges. Jonathan graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Jonathan will share his vision of where communications and collaboration are going. Wire is considered in some ways Skype 2.0 with a modern, almost minimalist, user experience. IP communications is a complex landscape, with WhatsApp, Skype, and many many WebRTC services appearing. Jonathan’s experiences in building Wire will provide invaluable insight for developers on how to start small then scale massively.

13:25 Niklas Blum, Product Manager WebRTC, Google

niklas blum google webrtcNiklas is Product Manager in the WebRTC team at Google. He has over 10 years experience in working with innovative technologies for communication networks and services. Before joining Google, Niklas was lead scientist and group leader at Fraunhofer FOKUS, a research institute in Berlin, Germany.


Niklas will share Google’s vision for WebRTC and what it means to developers.

13:40 Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Services Officer, Dialog Axiata Group.

anthony rodrigoAnthony joined Dialog Axiata as the Group Chief Information Officer in 2010, and manages a portfolio spanning Enterprise Information Technology, Product and Service Innovation and the Digital Services Business of the Dialog Group. Prior to joining the Dialog Group, Anthony was the Head of the North America Systems Integration Business for Nokia Siemens Networks. He was responsible for Solution Development, Systems Integration and Business Management of converged Fixed and Wireless solutions for communication service providers in North America. Anthony holds a B.Eng from Kings College London, and an MBA from Regis University Denver, CO. USA. He holds several European and United States Patents in the area of Charging and Speech Recognition technology.

Dialog Axiata is an example for the rest of the world in helping developers achieve success through taking their hacks to market. Anthony will quantify his successes, and explain what is required to make the telecom application developer ecosystem work.

13:55 James Tagg, Founder and CTO, Truphone

james tagg truphoneJames is both an inventor and an entrepreneur, James has over 20 years of experience bringing new mobile telephony and other technologies to market. In 1989 James founded Moonstone Technology, which developed touchscreen technology now found in products throughout the world. Following this successful venture, he founded Truphone to address the issues which limit international communication. James studied Engineering and Management at Cambridge University, and has a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Manchester University. He is the author of the book “Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?: Amazing Brain. Human Communication, Creativity & Free Will.”

James has the hardest job, representing the developed world of telcos, given Truphone is the most untelco telco out there. Some write-off Anthony’s situation as developing market only. James’ vision will show the importance of the role developers play in this emerging landscape, and sign-posts some opportunity areas for developers taking part in TADHack.

14:10 Alan Duric, Co-Founder and CTO, Wire

Alan Duric wirePrior to Wire, Alan co-founded Telio Holding ASA (now NextGenTel Holding ASA) in 2004 and served as its Chief Technology Officer. He is an early pioneer of VoIP and has over a decade of experience in VoIP and active contributions through his development and standardization work as a co-author and contributor to a number of IETF, ETSI and ITU standards. Beside his standardization work, as a Developer and Senior Systems Architect at Ericsson, he served in the early deployment and development of some of the largest VoIP networks such as Deltathree. At Global IP Sound, Alan was Senior Systems Architect, where he steered standardization efforts and was responsible for iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec), an IETF and CableLabs standard codec for VoIP.

Alan will share his vision of where communications technology is going. Will WebRTC be like the Borg and assimilate all communications? What is cool and emerging?  Where are the opportunities?  And given his impressive track record share advice on how developers can be successful using the latest tools and technologies.

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