TADHack Open in 2 weeks

Here are some important links:

TADS Slack – general questions

STROLID Slack – help with STROLID’s resources

SignalWire Slack – help with SignalWire’s resources

Sponsor’s resources. You can low code your hack, just editing a JSON file. Remember to sign up to their resources and start playing with their tools now.

Register for TADHack Open. This is so I know the numbers and can keep you updated on everything TADHack. For the Enterprise Connect attendees and Cloud Communications Alliance members, there’s really no need to be scared, low code is easy, please sign-up.

Here is the link for advice on submitting your hack remotely.

We will live stream on the TADHack YouTube channel at the kick off on Saturday at around 10:30, and on Sunday around 2PM when we review all the pitches.

Good luck, we hope you have fun.