Mind Commerce Telecom API Report Offer

Mind Commerce a TADHack and TADSummit partner has two special offers for its Telecom API report for developers and clients of its report. Special Offer for Telecom API based App Developers Mind Commerce is offering its flagship Telecom API report, Telecom Network API Marketplace: Strategy, Ecosystem, Players and Forecasts 2015 – 2020, at no cost … Continue reading Mind Commerce Telecom API Report Offer

How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye

I am a product management and product marketing consultant that’s been focused on WebRTC for the past couple of years. I am not a professional developer. This is how I won $1000 as an amateur at the TADHack. My background I did go to school for Electrical Engineering and did some coding there (mostly assembly … Continue reading How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye

Weblog of TADHack Weblogs

We try here to capture most of the weblogs written about TADHack Global 2015 13-14 June, its amazing how many there are! If we’re missing your’s please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.   Weblogs from the winners Thomas Howe with KISST Kevin Prince with Backpacker Telecom PlayMyBand … Continue reading Weblog of TADHack Weblogs