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Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

We’re just one month away from TADHack-mini Orlando, at Catalyst Spaces on 25-26 March. Its going to be a unique, can-not-miss event. This weblog provides a summary of all the amazing local help we’re getting in putting TADHack-mini Orlando together, why TADHack is unique, and some guidance in prep for TADHack-mini Orlando. The Orlando technology and entrepreneurial … Continue reading Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye

I am a product management and product marketing consultant that’s been focused on WebRTC for the past couple of years. I am not a professional developer. This is how I won $1000 as an amateur at the TADHack. My background I did go to school for Electrical Engineering and did some coding there (mostly assembly … Continue reading How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye