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Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

We’re just one month away from TADHack-mini Orlando, at Catalyst Spaces on 25-26 March. Its going to be a unique, can-not-miss event. This weblog provides a summary of all the amazing local help we’re getting in putting TADHack-mini Orlando together, why TADHack is unique, and some guidance in prep for TADHack-mini Orlando. The Orlando technology and entrepreneurial … Continue reading Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

Third Space Learning by Steev Goodwin

Third Space Learning aims to make specialist one-to-one numeracy tuition available to as many children as possible, in a format that is directed by Teachers. To achieve this we have taken a global approach to maths talent; recruiting and training Maths graduates from one part of the world, to help teach students in another. We … Continue reading Third Space Learning by Steev Goodwin

Google Sponsors TADHack

We’re pleased to announce that Google is the latest TADHack sponsor.  Their focus will be hacks using WebRTC. WebRTC is a free, open Web platform that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs. Their mission is to enable rich, high quality, RTC applications to be developed in the browser via simple JavaScript … Continue reading Google Sponsors TADHack

Appery.io – the Fastest Way to Build your TADHack project

Appery.io has partnered with TADHack to accelerate the pace of innovation with Telco APIs. Appery.io is the fastest way to build mobile apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5. Because the platform is cloud based, there is nothing to download. You develop in the browser with a visual development environment. If you have the … Continue reading Appery.io – the Fastest Way to Build your TADHack project

Developer Spotlight: Sergio Garcia Murillo, eFace2Face

With over a decade of telecom app development experience under his belt, Sergio Garcia Murillo, CTO of eFace2Face, Inc., is an early adopter of the latest telecom technologies. He’s particularly enthusiastic about WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications, part of HTML5). In his current role, Sergio is responsible for the long-term direction of the technology functions … Continue reading Developer Spotlight: Sergio Garcia Murillo, eFace2Face