Introduction to Yessica Helgueros and E-crew

E-crew was formed by Yessica Helgueros, project leader and developers Arón Alanis, Ricardo Iván, Eduardo Espinoza y Erick García. Yessica is the president of Zegen Group Corp, an IT consulting and business services, web and mobile strategies development company. She is an international researcher in areas as e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing, and has presented at … Continue reading Introduction to Yessica Helgueros and E-crew

Developer Economics Survey

Developer Economics is VisionMobile’s leading research program, tracking global trends on the app economy and mobile developers. The program is based on the largest, most global developer surveys, run by VisionMobile every six months. The surveys track the most important metrics for mobile developers, including platform mindshare, app categories and tools, revenues and revenue models – and … Continue reading Developer Economics Survey

ii Awards 20k Euro Prize. Get your application in today

The ii Awards are open to any start-up around the world with an innovative idea.  Get your application in today! Its easy, just reuse your TADHack ideas.  The coordinator for this award are our good friends Opinno. The #iiAwardsParis are an extension of the Grands Prix de l’innovation awarded by the City of Paris, a … Continue reading ii Awards 20k Euro Prize. Get your application in today

Will Mitchell of OnSIP, Trusted Payments with SIP

My name is Will Mitchell, and I’m the guy behind the Trusted Payments with SIP hack. For background, I am Lead Developer at OnSIP, an Internet real time communications company making heavy use of WebRTC. I love developing WebRTC applications and a good challenge, so I leapt at the opportunity to participate in TADHack. It … Continue reading Will Mitchell of OnSIP, Trusted Payments with SIP

ipcortex and RTCEmergency

In June, ipcortex took part in TADHack in Madrid, and won the Google prize for our WebRTC based RTCEmergency hack. The idea for RTCEmergency started the Friday before TADHack. We are a UK based RTC application development company and have been working with WebRTC, which was the core of our hack, for two and a half years now. For TADHack, … Continue reading ipcortex and RTCEmergency