ii Awards 20k Euro Prize. Get your application in today

Logo iiAwardsThe ii Awards are open to any start-up around the world with an innovative idea.  Get your application in today! Its easy, just reuse your TADHack ideas.  The coordinator for this award are our good friends Opinno.

The #iiAwardsParis are an extension of the Grands Prix de l’innovation awarded by the City of Paris, a competition run by Paris Région Lab and encouraging innovative companies whose purpose is to improve life in the city and develop the Parisian economic fabric through digital content, eco-innovation, e-health, design, business services, personal services and digital technology sectors.

The 20 finalist startups will present their work to the audience of the Grands Prix de l’Innovation. The jury will select 6 startups to be incubated in Paris and the best startup will receive a final priez of 20.000€. The registration closes on October 17th 2014, I’m sorry I’m late on getting the message out.  The application form is easy, reuse your TADHack ideas and you could get a trip to Paris and a chance to promote your work, and possibly win some cash.