TADHack Open 2023 Summary

That was an intense weekend! And it continued as we also at Enterprise Connect, presenting the Hackathon Report on Tuesday 28th at 3PM. You can see all the TADHack Open videos here, and all the pictures here. Thank you to Radisys for making TADHack Open possible. And thank you to WebRTC.Ventures for supporting TADHack Open. This is the 10th year … Continue reading TADHack Open 2023 Summary

TADHack Open is this weekend

Just a couple more days and I’ll not be emailing you so often. Well, until TADHack Global on 21-22 October. Thank you to everyone who has registered to take part in TADHack Open 2023. I’m grateful for everyone who is prepared to give their time to show the power of programmable communications using Radisys through their … Continue reading TADHack Open is this weekend

Tips for Competing in TADHack Open

With only one week to TADHack Open, 25-26 March. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of TADHack Open. Before you start The TADHack Open website has links to all the information you need. Registration is on the TADHack Open website. By registering you get access to all the news and … Continue reading Tips for Competing in TADHack Open

TADHack Open is only 2 weeks away

TADHack Open is only 2 weeks away! If you’ve not already done so, please register. Wherever you are in the world you can take part in a way convenient for you, check out the remote entry procedure. We’ll be running the training session soon on the Radisys resources. We have teams from around the world taking part, … Continue reading TADHack Open is only 2 weeks away