TADHack Open is this weekend

Just a couple more days and I’ll not be emailing you so often. Well, until TADHack Global on 21-22 October.

Thank you to everyone who has registered to take part in TADHack Open 2023. I’m grateful for everyone who is prepared to give their time to show the power of programmable communications using Radisys through their hacking skills.

Check out the Tips for Competing in TADHack Open.

As many of you are remote this year, start whenever you like, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be finished! There’s no ready-set-go kick-off, think of this email as that.

If you have any issues using the Radisys resources you can contact them on tads.slack.com or via email tadhack23_support@radisys.com. Mariana Lopez from WebRTC.Ventures is available if you want help with ideation and presentation review.

The big thing to complete now is to create your account on the Engage Digital Portal, please submit a small registration form at https://engagedigital.ai/tadhack. Click the “Sign Up” button. Please get this done before the weekend.

For your hack; think about problems you see in your home, work and community life; and think about how the Radisys resources can help you solve them.

Keep an eye on @TADHack on Twitter, search #TADHack on Linkedin, and join TADS Slack to see the chatter. Good luck and I’m excited to see what you create over this weekend.

Best Regards,
Alan Quayle, Founder TADHack

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