Tips for Competing in TADHack Open

With only one week to TADHack Open, 25-26 March. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of TADHack Open.

Before you start

The TADHack Open website has links to all the information you need.

Registration is on the TADHack Open website. By registering you get access to all the news and updates, like this weblog.

Sign up to TADS Slack, you’ll need this for support #radisys-engage, as well as chatting with other hackers #general.

Sign up to the Radisys Resources, your account will be live from Tuesday 21st March. In the meantime review the training videos to learn about the resources.

I strongly recommend you register for the Radisys resources and have a look at the videos before the TADHack weekend.

All the announcements we make are on the TADHack Blog. Like this one 🙂

Before and During the Hackathon

Use @TADHack on Twitter, or #TADHack on Linkedin, or mention TADHack on your preferred social media platform to let people know what you’re doing over the weekend.

WebRTC.Ventures are sponsoring lunch in Orlando. And their COO, Mariana Lopez, is available to help everyone around the world with ideation, UX, and your pitch. Mariana is on TADS Slack and in the link above there’s a Calendly link along with her availability to set up some time.

The remote entry procedure is here. The most important thing is the pitch video of your hack. This is how the sponsors judge your hack. Its OK to submit your pitch video as soon as it’s ready. As we’re a global hackathon the deadline to receive the pitch video for those in Europe, Africa, and Asia by 2PM local time on Sunday this really helps the judges have more time to review your hack. The hard deadline is by noon ET (Eastern US / NYC) on Sunday for the remote pitches. We can not accept remote pitch videos after that time as we’re preparing for the Orlando pitch session.

We’ll live stream from Orlando on the TADHack YouTube Channel. I know for those in Asia your day will be ending by the time Orlando gets going. That’s why TADS Slack is useful for you.

The results will be announced once Radisys has completed their judging. We’re aiming for about 5PM to 6PM ET. However, the exact time will depend on the number of hacks created over the weekend.

After TADHack Open

Winners of TADHack Open have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to industry leaders of major US corporations at the largest enterprise communications event Enterprise Connect in Orlando. We have a session dedicated to TADHack on Tuesday 28th March, at 3 PM – 3:45 PM Enterprise Connect Session: Hackathon Report. We hope to have some people hackers physically there, we will also play some of the remote pitches. Check out the end of this photo album to see all the fun the TADHack winners had at Enterprise Connect 2019.

If you have time please write an article about your experiences, we’ll including it in the TADHack Blog to help promote you. Here are a few examples:

Vincent and Vikki grabbing loads of money at EC19