TADHack Popayan: Dnuncia by RM5


<Editors Note: This weblog was written by team RM5 (Juan Daza, Camilo Segura, Mauricio Maca) from TADHack Popayán who created the hack Dnuncia Platform that won the Status Global Prize.>

First of all, we want to send a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Alan and to Status Team, not only for the prize that we appreciate too, but the opportunity to share our problem to the world.

In our country is common to see political repression in many manifestations and strikes being frequent all kind of violence against the crowd, this is a way to spread the fear in the people so you think in is a good idea stay at home.

At this moment, there’s a big trouble with public education, first, our minimum wage is about $250 USD and 6 month in private college cost around $2000 usd, so our government have money to finance public education but all that resources go to ICETEX, that is a bank who makes a loan to pay your private college, the problem is the extremely high interests, therefore we don’t want to our taxes go to a semi-private organization instead to the public college. For that reason all the students are taking the streets in a pacific way, we’re totally opposed to make it in a violent way.

dnunciaAt the beginning of all the trouble we saw a really nice behavior of the public forces. But right now the things are complicated they are starting to show their big arm.

The people use to upload all photos to popular social networks, but you can only show and say: ’¡Que pecao con ese pobre muchacho!’ (What a shame with that poor guy!) so we want to change this. Another thing is that in some country the government can censor what you can upload.

For that reason we make a platform who allow you post your photos denouncing the attacks, it’s decentralized so the government can’t censor anything, but you can’t upload bad things, like nudes. The platform connect you with lawyers that help you to make a formal complaint. So the next time before that guy thinks in beat some students he calm down and think about the economic repercussion.

Dnuncia platform

Dnuncia is a flexible platform that combines the impact of new technologies like BlockChain, with an interactive and intuitive GUI, where the users will learn to use easily all the system functions, the principal one is how can you post your problems?, now it will show about how do this process:

1. First has the authentication interface, where the user must upload a photo doing a gesture selected by the platform randomly, the auth screen has the function of recognize the gesture through a neuronal network, to verify that the user that wish enter to the platform be a human (because the bots are the principal cause of fake news, and other problems), yeah we should use some bootstrap but this was the last feature and we was short of time :


2. This is the principal interface, here, the user starts the process to do a public complaint, it can see the option + for add a new post about some problem that the user has had with the authority or some other similar one:


When the + button is pressed appears a small field so:


There are two text inputs, first one is the post title, and the second input was made for do a more detailed description of the problem, also there is a file input, for upload photos and media files related with the post, when the user has completed all the inputs, can post doing click over the PUBLISH button.

3. In the principal screen will appear all the posts written for the other users and the own posts, also each post has a special button for contribute to the problem, for example this option is so important for lawyers, and people that wants to offer their services for resolve each situation.


4. There are other options like search, or sort the posts, but these functionalities are available when more users start to use the platform.

Finally, we just want to say that you HAVE TO participate in one Hackathon at least one time in your life even if you don’t know how to code, WHY? Because you make a lot of contacts and networking, if you don’t know how to write a hello world in any language, but have a lot of energy and a great idea you can immediately found a guy or girl that complements you, and we are talking about skills. And when you achieve the success and be on the top of the hill, remember make the same thing for the ones that are behind you, put some wings on the people and deliver hope just like Alan Quayle and Status made for us.

About us:

Three young nerds full of energy and knowledge in blockchain, machine learning and mobile development we can stay in contact if you need to ask anything about our experience in the Hackathon: camilosegura@unicauca.edu.co, juansebasdaza99@unicauca.edu.co, mhandres@unicauca.edu.co

P.S there are some pics of October 31, we take the streets with costumes, it was fun and brave!