TADHack Global 2018 Winners

2018 Location WinnersIts a wrap for TADHack Global 2018, we’ve announced all the location and global winners in the video, presentation and listed below.

This year we lost our title as the largest hackathon to the Blockchain community who are running some massive events. However, we still claim to the the largest global hackathon over one weekend, and definitely the most diverse! Diversity is the foundation upon which TADHack is built.

We pride ourselves in being a tough hackathon. We do not set some challenges to prove you understand the sponsors’ APIs. We take that understanding for granted. We ask you to think about how their technology can be used to solve problems that matter to you in your communities, work and personal life. That is a hard ask, but the solutions created have changed communities and people’s lives.

In 2018 across all the locations TADHackers delivered world class solutions. Well done to everyone who took part. Please remember, often the hacks that do not win at the hackathon, are the ones that become the commercial successes. If you believe in what you’ve created, the TADHack community is here to help you realize it.

A few numbers, we matched last year’s record of 3300 registrations, we have well over 200 pitches as several locations have to go through multiple phases of judging, with about 150 pitches over the weekend. 4 locations this year had 150-200 people involved, that’s a new record.

I’ll review the global winners and then review all the location winners. Apologies if there are any errors, like misspelled names, let me know and I’ll correct them.

Status Global Winners

London: Matt Williams: Ethereum Gateway, Ethereum-hosted WebAssembly serverless runtime. Global Prize $400.

London: Immanuel Baskaran, Darius Pop: Matrix Whisper Bridge, A bridge between Status blockchain chat and Riot. Global Prize $400.

JHB: Vaultron by Stephen Asiedu,Cameron, de Bruyn, and Quintin, Rudman. Storing and Releasing Private Information Securely. Global Prize $400.

KL: Team 45: Vincent Decentralized warranty card. Global Prize $400.

POPAYAN : RM5— Juan Daza, Camilo Segura, Mauricio Maca —app to capture student marches, document abuses and connect people with legal help. Global Prize $400.

Apidaze by VoIP Innovations Global Winners

Melbourne: Voice Accessibility by Justin, Paul, and Ret
An app aimed at helping people share My Health Record access and permissions to end users with a particular focus on assisting the elderly in getting and sharing access to their data. Global Prize $900.

Berlin: Team Timecha.in by Sebastian Schumann, Julian Brendel, Tom Ziesche, Adela Militaru, Gunay Kazimzade, Hafiz Muhammad Hamza
Timecha.in is a global platform enabling knowledge exchange based on blockchain technology. We aim to diversify, innovate and upgrade work agreements, using blockchain and telecoms. Our currency is time. Our power is knowledge. It’s time to redesign the future of work: inclusive, accountable and secure.  Global Prize $500.

Chicago: Hack Sysafe by Vishul Chandrusekaren, Ryan Zheng, Edward Zhaiy, Pavan Pandurang, and Jay Park. Safety/emergency comms app for parents to monitor children. Global Prize $400

Remote (New Zealand): Gavel.io by Tien Nguyen Khac, Anthony Wong, Wentao Hao
Decentralise bidding platform utilizing live video/chat stream and Ethereum blockchain. Global Prize $200


Playlist of all shortlisted Bangladesh hacks.

Team Deadline with an app to trace location of person in danger after calling a particular number or maybe sending sms.

Team Odd Bit Loaders with an app to empower women to stand against domestic violence.
First Runner Up

Team dreamers with an Intelligent health care system
Second Runner Up


Playlist of all Brisbane Hacks

Hack Rube: a Generative protocol for everything by Christopher Ayling, Jonn Dillon, Kai Davis, Lucas Wickham, Noah Davey.
Winners of A$500 Location 1st Prize.

Team SOSMS with Emergency Alert System for companies to alert employees. Khuslen Baatarsukh, Victoria Su.
Winners of A$250 Location Runner-Up Prize.


Playlist of all Chicago Hacks.

Hack Panda Guard by Terrence Johnson, Brandon Brown, Saumya Gupta, Ogechi Ike, Patrick Kijek, Antonine Foggs, and Poshak Gurumoorthy
Ensures safety and security inside a building by authorizing admittance, and keeping track of occupant position.
Winner $500

Hack Sysafe by Pavan Pandurangi, Ryan Zheng, Jihoon Park, Vishal Chandrasekaran, and Edward Zhang. Safety/emergency comms app for parents to monitor children
Runner Up $250

Hack OMANA Emergnecy Alert by Aleksandra kukeilko, Nastaran Ghane, Abhijeet Ambekar, junfeng wang, and Milad Sabouri
Multiple solutions for alerting contacts in emergency situation
Runner Up $250


Playlist of all Japan hacks.

RCS – WebRTC hack that solves customer care issues and drives engagement via chatbot conversational interface and WebRTC.
Takefumi Yamazaki, Hiroyuki Genma, Hiroshi Matsumoto,  Kazuhisa Makino, and Andrew Fuller.
Winners of 100,000 JPY Synchronoss Prize AND 100,000 JPY Gift Voucher & 1 Yr free WebRTC service

MapMotion (Hostel Location Chatbot) by Craig Will.
Solves the business problem of locating and finding places of interest, in this case local hostels for travellers.
Winner of 60,000 JPY Synchronoss Prize.


Playlist of the shortlisted JHB finalists.

$1000 TADHack Winners: #SkratchLabs. An AI application that leanrs your usual patterns through a mobile phone then submits irregularities to a backend which is directed to an ECP to help.

TCS Mall Voucher For R3000 went to SocietyX a.k.a #1632. Crowd-sourced Emergency Services Optimization Engine.

TCS Mall Voucher For R2000 went to #Ovalleaf. All in one verified digital documents provider.

TCS Mall Voucher For R1000 went to #TechSavvyKids. Hu- Track is an Application that seeks to help fight Human Trafficking in our country but more especially in our Townships. The App will be available on smart phones and non-smart phone users and it can be accessible via an App, sms and USSD.

Best use of IBM API’s For R2000 voucher went to #Skaftin. Our goal is to become the dominant last mile delivery service for informal economic regions, which are often perceived to be higher risker. We’ll enable democratised access to efficient logistics services for informal settlements that need it most. When we unlock this market and tough to crack frontier it will provide a good foundation to expand our offering to township entrepreneurs, businesses and those who want to provide their goods and services to customers outside of their conventional reach.

Special Judges Prize for the Rizing Star: Sifiso

Best Use of Huawei API’s: Hungry Wolfs won a Smart Phone Huawei Device. Application that allows users to book spaces in taxis. Shows the users the routes they can take, drivers on those routes. Users can rate drivers and routes based on safety and time take. Program will be managed by taxi associations that can add their drivers and routes.

Best Female Coder: Waqar Saman won a Smart Phone Huawei Device

MTN Internal $1000 Prize went to #EPIC

Kuala Lumpur

Playlist of all short-listed KL hacks.

Team 8: Lim Zhen Shen, Muhammad Imran Bin Mohd Azmi, Ng Kwang Meng,  Brandon Oh Wai Tien,  Dickson Pua Kah Wai. Restaurant application for customer recognition and personalized experience.
Winner $500

Team 17: Leong Yok Tien, Aiya Mukhamed Salora, and Tumenbayeva Dara. Customer call actionable insights with Machine Learning
First Runner Up $300

Team 6: Lee Boon Leng, Kevin Loh, Ho Chin Chee. Amzong shopping checkout.
Second Runner Up $200 + Local Prize RM1500

Team 16: Ahmad Taqiyuddin Bin Mohd Anas , Ainul Mardiah Binti Mohd Asri , Noor Fatin Najwa Binti Othman , Muhammad Izzat Bin Ibni Hajar, Nur Amirah Binti Yahaya. Telmed medicine dispensing system.
Local Prize RM1500

Team 45: Vincent Wong. Decentralized warranty card
Local Prize RM1500


Playlist of all the London hacks.

Matt Williams: Ethereum Gateway, Ethereum-hosted WebAssembly serverless runtime.

Immanuel Baskaran, Darius Pop: Matrix Whisper Bridge, A bridge between Status blockchain chat and Riot.

Mohamed Habib: insure-auto: Event-driven telemetry capture and cryptographic assurance for autonomous vehicles


Playlist of all the Madrid hacks.

Hack: Drugon by Team Rocket: Alberto Benito, Sonsoles López, Ana Estrada, Alejando Pozo, and Andrés Muñoz

Some people have reduced mobility, so they cannot travel to the pharmacy in order to acquire their treatment. This is what we are trying to solve.

We propose an electronic health system based on blockchain where doctors’ medical prescriptions are stored in such a way that pharmacies can verify them. These prescriptions are encrypted and based on the patient’s identity and doctor’s credentials. The pharmacy will verify that the patient is allowed to receive the requested medication thanks to the blockchain. Once done, a drone carrying the products will be sent to the user’s location.

1st TADHack Local Prize winner (600$)
2nd Kairos Implementation Prize winner (200Euros)

Code: https://github.com/abenitoc/Ethereum-DrugOn and https://github.com/sonsoleslp/tadhackapp

Hack TrustIt by Jacqueline Neef, Filippo Calzavara, Boy Raaijmakers, Marcin Paszkiewicz

Our project is called TrustIt. and we use blockchain technology to add trust to peer-to-peer marketplaces, e.g. Craigslist, ebay or Milanuncios. Even though buying second-hand products at online marketplaces is convenient and economic, it cannot be guaranteed that the seller, who claims to be the owner of the product, is trustworthy and that the product really exists and was not stolen beforehand. We solve this by storing the products a person owns in our Hyperledger Fabric blockchain.

We further collaborate with online marketplaces to display in the ads if the seller can be confirmed as the legitimate owner or not using the entries in our blockchain. Moreover, we store further information on the products, such as the purchase dates of new products, so that users do not have to keep paper receipts anymore for potential warranty claims.

2nd TADHack Local Prize winner (400$)
1st Kairos Idea Prize winner (300Euros)

Code: https://github.com/philosss/TrustIt.

Hack Fairivery by José Luís Fernández, Carlos González,ccUxio Piñeiro Piñeiro,

A fair delivery system for last mile packages. Current delivery system have high fees through centralized service providers. Using blockchain the middle-man can be removed.

Connected customers and riders, with tracking of packages, and based on a decentralized database.

Using blockchain for smart contracts, providing transparency to eliminate fraud, lowering fees through removal of the middleman and automatic settlements.

1st Kairos Implementation Prize winner (300Euros)

Code: https://github.com/carlosgj94/initialvuedapp

Hack ESD by Manuel Bastos Martín, Marcelo Smith Cuadrado, Pablo Borlaf Mena

Ecommunity” is a new model of waste management, which allows neighborhood communities to work with private recycling plants by exchanging their remunerable waste, in exchange for tokens exchangeable in the administration for tax advantages.

The application uses blockchain technology, through a smart contract based on the Ethereum network, to guarantee efficiency and transparency, as well as sending SMS for communication of notifications between the parties.

2nd Kairos Idea Prize winner (200Euros)

Code: https://github.com/borlafdev/Ecommunity


Playlist of all Melbourne hacks.

Hack by Agrination by Asay, Mark, Manadia

An end to end agritech solution leveraging iot to be able to monitor and assist in farming activities with the end goal of creating an informed consumer.


Playlist of all Popayán hacks.

Hack Mark Software by David Sotelo, Yaison Fabián Samboní, Daniela Velasquez.
This application allows you to use the SMS message service to perform searches on a server connected to the Internet. A person can send three types of messages 1. Mail services 2. Internet searches 3. Check the meaning of a word in a dictionary. The application will return via SMS the result of the request.
Winner $500

Hack Go! POU by Jonathan Ibarra, Tania Cañizares, Brayan Mamian, Cristian Gómez.
This application allows to receive the measurements that are made in temperature sensor stations and others. People can subscribe to receive information from the data obtained by the sensors, for example when air quality is critical and a person has bee subscribed, they can receive warning messages when a parameterized value in the system has been exceeded. It can also be used in notifications of agriculture, to notify variations in humidity, etc., which allows solving the problem of access to data networks that some farmers have.
Runner Up $250

Hack Synergieca by David Sebastian Agredo, Manuel Galindo, Andrea Bermeo, and Giovanni López
This application allows you to create free video conferencing rooms to do tutorials. A person can schedule a tutoring of a specific topic to dictate to many people (up to 100). Initially the tutorials would be free, but as the tutor increases the level, later he will be able to charge for personalized tutorials.
Runner Up $250


Playlist of all Romania hacks.

Hack J.A.V.R.I.S by Alexandru Mincu.
Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbot that acts as your personal car asistant. You can contact him by facebook messenger or SMS, send him your problem in free text and he will solve your issue or schedule your car in service, presenting you available free spots. Uses NLP, node.js, python.
Winner $500

Smart Door Camera by Dan Ionescu
Smart Door Camera is a Visual Face Recognition device, built on top of a raspberry pi device, capable of processing the face recognition algorithms locally. It can trigger events like opening doors, granting access to different resources. In case authorization failed it will instantly send and SMS message.
Runner Up $300

StockMarket Watchdog by Florin Popescu
Florin’s App continously monitors using realtime API stock exchange markets and currency exchange rates and automatically triggers SMS messages and evean conf calls with your personal financial broker, if you have one :). It uses a visual designer (IBM’s NodeRed) and manages to achieve this my using drag-and-drop boxes in a nice, programmable telecom visual flow. It is a beautiful example of how great hacks can be achieved without writing any line of actual code.
Runner Up $200

South Florida

Hack Vehicle Safe by Muntaser Syed, Christopher Woodle, and Christopher Wille
Get notified and easily check if a child, pet or valuables are left accidentally is in your car and also find out the status of your car’s location, temperature, and interior inside and see a picture via MMS on your phone for security of the interior.
Winner $800

Hack Bank Transactions VoIP by Christine Dee Lee and Tee Mak
Access bank transactions through an IVR
Runner Up $200

Sri Lanka

Playlist of all shortlisted Sri Lanka hacks.

Winning Hack Phoenix by Anushiya Thevapalan, Balakrishnan Sathiyakugan, Ajanthasingam Jegasingam, Loghi Perinpanayagam
It’s a solution to all the diabetes patients in Sri Lanka.

First Runner Up Team Horizon by Sasindu Jayashma, Yohan Dhananjaya, Lasith Madhusanka, Harsha Chathuranga, Sumudhu Sulakkhan.
It’s a solution to find a location of a public bus, details and the exact time.

Second Runner Up alphablocks by Achala Dissanayake, Lahiru de Alwis, Manujith Pallewatte
It’s a solution to enable the reuse of document verification with 100% validity.