Useful Links for TADHack Global 2018

TADHack Global 2018The purpose of this weblog is to provide a list of useful links you may need over the TADHack Global weekend.

For an introduction to TADHack Global 2018 this Intro Video is a good starting point. Note Carl’s keynote will be removed after the event at his request, so watch it while you can!

You can watch the TADHack locations from around the world live in this Live Streaming Playlist.

The TADHack YouTube Channel is where all the edited pitches are stored. Also you can also see pitches from previous years as well.

Here is a handy Guide to TADHack Global 2018, including an FAQ.

On Monday 15th Nov at 5PM Lisbon/UK, 6PM CET, Noon ET we have a live stream where we announce all the global winners, as well as review all the location winners.

During TADHack we use Riot for communicating and collaborating. We used Slack in the past, but we’ve reached the limit of the free service. You can sign up to TADHack Riot here. If you’re already on Riot the main TADHack Global 2018 room is

On the TADHack weblog we’ll be reviewing all the locations and their hacks in the coming months so stay tuned.

Good luck and have fun learning technologies that can help you make a difference in your communities!