TADHack Global 2018 Banner

TADHack Global 2018

Its that time of year! The TADHack Global 2018 banner is ready, see below. It shows the vast global community that makes TADHack Global possible since 2014, this will be our 5th year.

We’ll be running over 2 weekends in 2018. For Spain (5-6 Oct) and Buenos Aires (6-7 Oct) because of Columbus Day celebrations, well it really becomes Columbus long weekend 🙂 And the main weekend 13-14 Oct for most locations, with Bangladesh on the 12-13 Oct as their weekend is on Friday/Saturday. Check your location for details on dates, times, agenda, and address.

We are run locations in: Bangladesh, Berlin, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Japan (new to Global), Johannesburg, Kyiv, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Netherlands, Popayan, Romania (new to TADHack), South Florida, Sri Lanka (registration is now closed for Sri Lanka).

We also welcome remote hacking, from the comfort of your own home. For those participating remotely you’ll need to send in your pitch videos by the close of day 13th October. We’ll send out more information on the remote entry procedures in a couple of weeks.

We have Global sponsors Status (Ethereum OS) and VoIP Innovations (Programmable Telecoms). We’ve uploaded a video to the Status resources section to help you created decentralized apps (DApps). And will shortly add an intro video on using the VoIP Innovations / Apidaze resources.

We also have local sponsors for many locations: IdeaMart / hSenid Mobile, MTN South Africa, Telstra, KPN Cubes, and over 40 companies and hundreds of individuals making TADHack Global possible around the world. Thank you!

We just passed 2000 registrations, a massive achievement, and testament to the hard work of everyone involved, well done! For most locations we’re one month away. Please review this Guide to TADHack Global 2018, please review the developer resources, and get those thinking caps on. We’re excited about what you will create at TADHack Global 2018. If you’ve not already done so, please register. But note Sri Lanka registration is now closed, and we have 3 more locations that will be closing registration soon.

2018 banner