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TADHack Open in 1 week

Here are some important links: TADHack Open – website, address for those attending in person, timings, registration, etc. TADS Slack – general questions STROLID Slack – help with STROLID’s resources SignalWire Slack – help with SignalWire’s resources Sponsor’s resources. You can low code your hack, just edit a JSON file. Remember to sign up to … Continue reading TADHack Open in 1 week

Tips for Competing in TADHack Open

With only one week to TADHack Open, 25-26 March. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of TADHack Open. Before you start The TADHack Open website has links to all the information you need. Registration is on the TADHack Open website. By registering you get access to all the news and … Continue reading Tips for Competing in TADHack Open