TADHack Open 2023 Summary

That was an intense weekend! And it continued as we also at Enterprise Connect, presenting the Hackathon Report on Tuesday 28th at 3PM. You can see all the TADHack Open videos here, and all the pictures here.

Thank you to Radisys for making TADHack Open possible. And thank you to WebRTC.Ventures for supporting TADHack Open.

This is the 10th year of TADHack, our first event was in 2014. We’re immensely proud of the many people involved in TADHack and all they’ve achieved. During TADHack Open we learned that TADHack regular Ebtesam Al Haque will be joining Microsoft Research Software Analysis and Intelligence in Engineering Systems (SAINTES).

TADHack Global will be on 21/22nd October, just before Informa’s Network X. More details coming soon, and please get in touch if you’d like to be involved with TADHack Global.

Here are the winners and thank you to everyone who took part and supported TADHack Open 2023.

First Place, Guardian Care ($1500)

Connecting your loved ones with the care that they deserve, while being remote.

Team: Vikki Horn, Muntaser Syed, Candy Torres

Guardian Care was one of several women dominated teams. We almost achieved equity in the sex ratio between male and female; a first for TADHack. This was Candy’s first hackathon, her professor recommended she take part. She wasn’t sure she could contribute to a team, and after talking with the hackers, she teamed up with Vikki, and then Muntaser joined their team after lunch.

Second Place, FitBot ($750)

Staying fit is hard. FitBot will help create daily fitness plans and make sure that you follow them by sending emails and calling you when you need motivation.

Team: Mike Cairns.

At around 11PM on Saturday Mike pinged me on TADS Slack, sharing the struggles he was having getting part of his hack working. And that he may have to pass on TADHack Open. I supported him in whatever he chose to do, hackathons can be tough. Shortly after our chat he discovered the road block, and submitted this excellent hack!

Third Place, OneCenter ($750)

OneCenter is a revolutionary software platform that simplifies the process of connecting with call centers. Our platform provides a one-stop solution for individuals and businesses, offering easy access to the call centers of multiple companies in one place.


Adnan Saleem from Radisys Announces the Winners

Here are Adnan’s slides.

Enterprise Connect Session, 28th March

On Tuesday 28th March at 3PM we had the hackathon report at Enterprise Connect.

This is a chance for the EC23 attendees to meet real-live free-range developers, not those in-house developers. Free range developers needs and motivations are different.

I kicked off with an introduction to TADHack and the winners. TADHack has run for 10 years, we’ve had thousands of pitches and over ten thousand people involved in TADHack over the years. I reviewed FitBot from Mike Cairns, video and slides; and OneCenter by Team OneCredit. video.

I must also give a shout out to GymBro from Team Miracle from Sri Lanka, who are part of Ideamart for Women, video and slides. Every dev community should have their version of Ideamart for women, see the keynote given at TADSummit 2021.

We then moved onto the Orlando-based developers and their pitches. I include their videos from TADHack Open pitch session on Sunday as I do not have a video recording of the EC23 session.

Hack ϕ (Phi) / Team Jazz

Introducing a versatile device that incorporates an accelerometer to monitor and detect when appliances and objects complete their tasks or require attention. Easily attachable to washing machines, trash cans, and other household items, this device, which employs Radisys, streamlines household management and ensures efficiency in daily routines.

Team: Jared Ashcraft, David Sikes, John Wilder

Video and Prezi.

John (far right putting the paper in the bin) is a teenager. This was his first hackathon. On Saturday he came, not sure if he should take part. He talked with the teams, and joined David and Jared, to complete his first hackathon. In the video you can see the vital development role John played inn the team. Well done John!

Guardian Care

Connecting your loved ones with the care that they deserve, while being remote.

Team: Vikki Horn, Muntaser Syed, Candy Torres

Video and Slides.

Hack FaaS; Forklift-as-a-Service / Team FractalPterodactyl

A cloud native agile infrastructure SaaS and potentially PaaS offering that allows for the creation of AI-guided P2P learning classrooms, designed to be a virtual space as well as integrated into IRL spaces such as Maker Spaces in order to drive a highly crowd-learning experience, with the goal of creating both virtual and physical shared-learning spaces that allows people to obtain the knowledge to ace certifications, or to obtain simpler certifications such as forklift operations that are not otherwise offered as P2P learning platforms. PaaS service would allow one to deploy App Engine offerings to further drive the P2P learning experience within classrooms.

The Radisys application would facilitate this learning process by providing the basis for the P2P rooms, as well as the TTS mechanisms necessary to feed into conversational AI such as ChatGPT or Bard, which would provide a natural language basis for an on call teacher of specific subjects.

Team: Fractal

Video and Link to FaaS website. Fractal has a great idea, and as often happens at a hackathon, he could not get everything working over the weekend. However, Fractal will continue developing the idea into reality.