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Things have finally returned to pre-pandemic levels, we had 15 hacks submitted from around the world at TADHack Open. An amazing result. SignalWire wowed developers with impressive tooling for its AI Agent. Devs were ‘effervescent’ at the focus on making it easy to use SignalWire. STROLID made it so easy for developers, that even through Thomas was on a plane traveling back from Melbourne in Australia for most of the event, the teams sank their teeth into some impressive vCon projects.

SignalWire Winner – Jazz Health Assistant from Team Jazz, $2k prize

Team Jazz: Jared Ashcraft, David Sikes, John Wilder

A groundbreaking software application designed to revolutionize diabetes management within families, especially for the elderly. This innovative tool meticulously tracks blood sugar levels, ensuring that any irregularities are promptly reported to family members. By providing real-time, actionable insights, the application empowers families to proactively manage their loved one’s diabetes with greater precision and understanding. The enhanced visibility and control over health data this tool offers, facilitates a more informed and compassionate care-giving experience, ultimately improving the quality of life for elderly diabetic patients.


STROLID Winner, $2k Prize

Team: Suraj Shivakumar, Nagasai Saikam, Divya Sakhare, Akshata Salunkhe.

A fully functional product that generates a vCon and redacts all PII (Personal Identifiable Information).


Runners Up

Lonely Bot by Mike Cairns powered by Signalwire. Utilize AI and LLM’s with SignalWire’s technology to curb loneliness. Have a trusted friend to talk with, and automatically reach out to family when Lonely Bot notices you need a human touch.

moodsense by Pam Mishaw and Rob Parha powered by Signalwire. Here’s the webpage for their app. I’m not supposed to express favorites, but all families have relatives that struggle with mental health. Most families do not talk about it, even amongst themselves, that makes things so much worse. A relative can becomes almost catatonic before things get noticed, we’re all busy. This simple app could become so much more in helping the relative and family, often there is no easy answer, but coping better can be good enough.

DazerWorld by Fractal. You can rely on Fractal to use tools in unusual ways. He took the SignalWire AI Agent and created this video. We’re just scratching the surface of mashing up comms with GenAI.

Health Base. Helping the aging population stay at home with environmental sensors and remote call escalation to ensure medical compliance. A vast hack integrating many innovative health monitoring devices, such as remote breath monitoring.

Avacado Intelligence. An impressive first hack from Valencia College students. This team will go places. Rebecca, representing Valencia College West Campus, warmly greets callers and collects their information, including name and VID (Valencia College ID), for record-keeping. She then inquires about the reason for the call, offering departmental options such as Advising Center, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid Office. Based on the caller’s choice, Rebecca transfers the call accordingly or provides voicemail options. Utilizing special instructions, she clarifies ambiguous requests by asking targeted questions based on keywords mentioned. If needed, Rebecca directs callers to the Answer Center for further assistance, ensuring personalized and efficient service throughout the call.

Check out all the hacks in the TADHack Open 2024 playlist.

Enterprise Connect, TADHack Report

On Monday 25th March at Enterprise Connect between 1:00-1:45PM we gave the TADHack Report, where some of the winners present in-person at the Gaylord Palms, Orlando FL. Room Sun D.

Mike Cairns presenting Lonely Bot
Team Avacado Intelligence: Anna Correa, Kai Nguyen, Anna Ugay, Ruslana Sigalova, Luke Clauss

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