TADHack Ireland: bridging the web and telecom worlds

irelandTADHack is a grass roots initiative focused on building a software centric telecom application developer ecosystem and on June 13-14 2015 this ecosystem will bloom in Dublin as it connects live into 14 other locations across the world to participate in TADHack Global 2015.

TADHack Dublin will host a diversity of individuals with skills in user experience, creative arts and of course software programming to produce never seen before web communication apps for

  • Enhancing online customer experience.
  • Shared real-time video and data.
  • Peer-to-Peer media delivery networks.

With the assistance of TADHack sponsors: Acision, Apidaze, Bandwidth.com, Dialogic, hSenid Mobile, Intel, Matrix, Oracle, Telestax, Tropo, and Truphone. With supporting partners Google, Ubuntu, W3C, and Kodacall this 2-day hackathon will enhance communication services on the new disruptive technologies of : Cloud communications, Internet of Things and WebRTC.

Check out the developer resources to learn more.

Ireland has a fine tradition of supplying innovation to the mobile industry and now it’s time for Irish companies and its software developers to catch a new wave of modernisation in the communications space.

TADHack Dublin will run from 10AM on Saturday-Sunday June 13th-14th  (closing at 8PM), at the NDRC, The Digital Exchange, Crane Street, Dublin 8, IRELAND.

For the participants in TADHack Dublin this an opportunity to discover new ways to add communications to their application, service or business. People will get to learn, share, code and create new real time web communications for IoT, WebRTC and Telco APIs, thus gaining access to PaaS tools that do the heavy lifting, meet the people building these platforms, and global promotion of their own developer skills (and pitching). Dare we forget there are lots of prizes to be won too, $35k in prizes.

There are two category of prizes to be won, hacks and showcases. Hacks are were teams get together over the weekend to complete a demo, while showcases can be done in advance and are a mashup of a companies existing technology with a sponsor platform.

Pitches will be promoted on the TADHack YouTube channel, weblogs will be written about the developers who take part and the hacks they create. Check out the TADHack weblog to see the what’s been done in the past.

Register here.

TADHack Ireland location is thanks to the NDRC.

Kodacall / TSSG team is sponsoring and running the location.