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TADHack Ireland: bridging the web and telecom worlds

TADHack is a grass roots initiative focused on building a software centric telecom application developer ecosystem and on June 13-14 2015 this ecosystem will bloom in Dublin as it connects live into 14 other locations across the world to participate in TADHack Global 2015. TADHack Dublin will host a diversity of individuals with skills in user … Continue reading TADHack Ireland: bridging the web and telecom worlds

hSenid Mobile Webinar Series

hSenid Mobile launched Dev Space for Telecom Application Developers around the world. It’s an initiative where developers can use Dev Space APIs to develop Telco applications, test applications and deploy with Telcos without having to incur any cost at all. A webinar series was introduced to support the Dev Space developer community to develop Telco … Continue reading hSenid Mobile Webinar Series