hSenid Mobile Webinar Series

hSenid Mobile launched Dev Space for Telecom Application Developers around the world. It’s an initiative where developers can use Dev Space APIs to develop Telco applications, test applications and deploy with Telcos without having to incur any cost at all. A webinar series was introduced to support the Dev Space developer community to develop Telco applications from scratch. The series is called Telco Applications for Modern Businesses. The webinars would guide developers to create Telco applications to set up business strategies to suit the modern ways of doing business. Developers can put their thinking caps on, get out of the box and create outstanding Telco applications to earn recurring revenue.

Dev Space gives the facility to build applications or services using Telco’s network assets. These assets are SMS for communication, USSD to dial a short code like #111# and access menus in real time, Location to track a person or a place and Charging to enable payments using the pre-paid or post-paid mobile accounts along with other payment methods such as e-wallets, bank accounts, points and e-cash.

On 9th of May, we presented the part 03 of the webinar series. It was an interesting session because we discussed how to mash up Telco APIs to create more advanced Telco applications for various business needs. We used a coffee shop as an example business case throughout the webinar series and the developers of hSenid Mobile created an application to suit the coffee shop owner’s needs. Coding session in part 01 showed how to get feedback from customers via SMS and Part 02 showed how to register for the application via USSD. On webinar 03, we demonstrated how the coffee shop application can send out an alert informing about a promotion, when a customer is within proximity of the coffee shop by using Location API with SMS. We also revealed 3 secrets of successful Telco Application Development.

To make things very simple for Dev Space developers, we uploaded the webinars, slide decks, video guides and also sample applications for all parts of the webinar series which were held in Dev Space Webinars. Dev Space opened up countless possibilities to create different types of Telco applications by using simplified Dev Space APIs. Visit Dev Space and start creating your application today!

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