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Forge by Acision Developer Resources Webinar

Acision provides next-gen communication APIs and SDKs to help businesses connect and collaborate more efficiently using secure SMS, IP messaging, voice, and video. Peter Dunkley, one of the creators of Forge by Acision, will provide an introduction to forge. It is hosted and secured in their cloud, so developers can create and scale wow-moments on … Continue reading Forge by Acision Developer Resources Webinar

TADHack is for Everyone

At TADHack last year I mentioned an aspect of the winning teams was diversity. The teams included product people, user experience people, and programmers. And there was also diversity in the sexes, here are some examples: Famous4Money with Jairo Canales, Francisco, Sergio, Mar, and Natalia WhatsPeer with Luis, Maria and Alex SuperStreamer with Arjun and … Continue reading TADHack is for Everyone