TADHack Global 2017 Winners

2017 WinnersWe ran a live stream on the 2nd October to announce all the TADHack Global 2017 winners across all locations, ArcFire challenge, and global sponsors’ prizes from Apifonica, Matrix, Telestax, and Vidyo. We’re missing the the Lusaka location winners, and the Telestax video. We’ll update the content when it becomes available. Below I list out all the global prize winners. See you on 13th and 14th October 2018!

ArcFire Challenge Winner

$1000. Project Clearwater over RINA (nearly) by Matt, Yin. With some great ideas on making it even easier to get applications running over RINA.

Apifonica Global Winners

$1000. Apifonica Node js and Rome by  Steven, Lily from TADHack London. A node library to make accessing APIfonica. Rome – “Reach me anywhere” – A way of contacting someone, in a variety of ways, depending on the time of day.

$400. Ciclo by Manuel, Marcelo from TADHack Madrid. The Do-It-Yourself Repair Marketplace.

$200. PhoneGuard by Ousama, Michael, Mark from TADHack London. A system for charging unsolicited callers a fee to call you.

$200. Chloring (Team 2) by Low Ming Xiu, Boon Shi Ting, Chew Kam Fatt, Khoo Hung Siang, Chin Shin Yi from TADHack KL. Sensor for detecting falls in the elderly and alerting family members.

$200. Helpr by Dan Morgan from TADHack Chicago. Supplemental application for a RedCross like organization that uses a NLP processor to prioritize help and optimize rescue using SMS.

Matrix Global Winners

$350. #CoffeeHackers by Behnaz, Francois, Alexander from TADHack Brisbane.

$300. Polite.ai (now an open source project) by Rob, Joe, Lucy, Mercer, John from TADHack London. Nailing the troll problem in real time chat using Matrix, Tensorflow AI, Wiki-detox dataset.

$300. Pushtime by Aviral Dasgupta. Securely syncs your phone to your laptop using Matrix.

$250. The Button Game, by Quentin Burny from TADHack Paris. Hack to transform Matrix into a Database.

$200. Go Doctors by Edmund, Ronald, Vinod, Utkarsh from TADHack Sydney. Connecting patients around the world with specialists.

$200. GrowApps- Triton by Washington, Andres, Rosa from TADHack Madrid.  Sea agriculture monitoring system.

$200. * by Igor Kirichenko Dmitry Volkov from TADHack St Petersburg.  PKI component in Matrix identity via Keybase.

$200. THNKU by Mihhail, Idan, Ming Li, Voltaire, Jody and many more from TADHack The Hague. Youngsters assist elderly people with all kind of jobs.

Telestax Global Winners

$750 – Andrea, Sebastian, Giovanni, Camila, David #TechTeamCo from TADHack Popayán. Geolocation system in catastrophe situations to rescue people using USSD or SMS. Then use the data for analysis and prevention of future catastrophes.

$500 – IoT SMS Monitoring & Controlling by George Gkitsas, Christos Papantonis using RestcommOne platfom from TADHack Athens.

$750 – AromaBot by Samah and Abdoulaye used Telestax from TADHack Paris. Omni-channel customer care for Aroma therapy recommendations for your health problems.

Temasys Global Winners

3rd Place – $300 – EnvMon by James Ong from TADHack Kuala Lumpur.

2nd Place – $700 – GrowApps – Triton by Washington, Andres, Rosa from TADHack Madrid. Sea agriculture monitoring system.

1st Place – $1,000 – MediConnect by Momataj, May, Sophia, Tien Nguyen Khac, Quang Minh Dinh, Ricardo from TADHack Auckland.

Vidyo Global Winners

$700. Ciclo by Manuel, Marcelo from TADHack Madrid. The Do-It-Yourself Repair Marketplace.

$300. Texto (Team 39) by Lim Kok Sang, Choo Hong Yee, Lim Sze Huang, Low Bee San from TADHack KL. Video conferencing with a recorded transcript.

$250. QrCall by Pedro, Rafael from TADHack Buenos Aires. System that allow to contact professionals without sharing private data such as phone numbers or email. It uses a personal card with a QR code that being scanned it triggers a WebRTC Call.

$250. AICollab by Abhishek Bhardwaj from TADHack Chicago. DeepLearning Github for Doctors.

$250. SafePlace by Martin, Bruno, Guillermo from TADHack Buenos Aires.  Security system that detects motion using the camera and let know via sms and voice when there is some suspect movements.

$250. State of the chart by Emma, Gareth, Robert from TADHack London. A tool for remote design meetings. Web based video calling with the ability to covert pen-on-paper sketches to shared click-and-dragable drawings.

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