TADHack Global 2022 Summary

That was an intense weekend! And here’s the TADHack Global 2022 summary. You can see all the videos here. And all the pictures here.

This is the 9th year of TADHack, we began in 2014. We’re immensely proud of the many people involved in TADHack and all they’ve achieved. For example, check out these location spotlights on Colombia and Sri Lanka. Here is the video with all the local and global winners announced.

We had 450 hackers taking part from around the world, creating 52 Hacks. Radisys scored an impressive 23 hacks, well done!

Here are the Location Winners for TADHack Colombia. In third place winning $100 are XCODE. In second place winning $200 are Hybrids4.0. Due to the lack of knowledge of legal procedures in society this app provides automated help on legal issues. And in first place winning $700 are IOTOC, their goal is to help people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) cope with daily life. There were some audio issues in the recordings (echo) that unfortunately limited global judging, but these things happen, at least the local prizes were awarded. Thank you to Yeapp for running TADHack Colombia.

Here are the Location winners from Sri Lanka.

Thank you to hSenid Mobile and ideamart.io for running TADHack Sri Lanka and being with us since the beginning in 2014.

Here are Tampa’s winners, and you can read more about them in this Tampadevs article:

  • 1st: “Hackateams” is a one-stop platform for finding and joining hackathon teams. You can create your own team, list the desired skills in it’s marketplace, and compose your optimal team. Simply share the link with anyone that might be interested!
  • 2nd: Hurricane Operations Platform for Emergencies (H.O.P.E.) gathers advance and real-time information to help users navigate in the event of natural or man-made disaster situations. Leveraging IVR, SMS, and Internet-based technology, our goal is to help individuals find important information before, during, and after crisis situations, and inform loved ones of their status and/or location in case of interruption to normal communications.
  • 3rd: BURP, takes voice from Ham Radio and convert to phone text message.
  • 4th: Port ED. A platform that connects students from across the nation through a video conferencing service to act as a “study buddy” while providing the opportunity to connect in hopes to help alleviate a increasingly disconnected society.
  • Most Entertaining: Musicq. Create, Stream and Collaborate

The Radisys Winners are:

  • Top prize of $3500 goes to Field Workforce Helper by Nacho Garmilla using Radisys. Field Workforce Helper: Provides information from the inventory to support field workforce tasks, and routes Guard calls to the guard operator using an agenda in a google spreadsheet. It also logs in the spreadsheet call information.
  • Second place prize of $2500 goes to Similarly Geeky (Steev Goodwin & Lily Madar) with Secret Babble helps making multilingual conversations more accessible by providing translations over the phone which can be read out loud by the system or sent discreetly as text message only, providing a transcription of the exchange.
  • Joint third place prize of $1500 goes to Blink by Linda Mosemaka. Blink is an application that is created to be used in crowded places to reduce the crowd and give people easy access to information about that particular place. A South African remote winner!!!
  • Joint third place prize of $1500 goes to live connect by John Lyons. Live Connect lets you connect to the experts from around the world. Whether you are interested in learning a new language, finding a maths tutor for your kids, music lessons, golf swing help, or anything, live connect brings the trainer into your home. We use the radisys API to connect via Video to your computer or your phone. Use your website to find a suitable expert, book out the time slot with them, then get connect.
  • Best Industry 4.0 Hack prize of $1000 went to Team RegeX with FiremX– Fire detection system.
  • Best Disruptive Digital Engagement Hack of $1000 went to LifeVerse by Fahad Mahmood , Sarmad Faheem, and Faheem Azhar. Lifeverse is a health metaverse and real-time engagement platform. People can visit clinics, book appointments using clinic IVR or by interacting with staff members and consult with health specialists through a single platform.

The STROLID Winners are:

Top prize of $500 goes to Ryan from Illinois (yep the same Ryan who won with Adventury) with the joke destined to become the golden vCon:

An engineer on a plane is arrested for having a handgun in his luggage. When pressed by the police as to what he was thinking, the engineer replied,

“I heard that the chance of someone bringing a gun on an airplane is one in a thousand. So I figured the chance of being there being two guns on a plane is one in a million.”

Ryan Zhang

The joke was Funny, Clear Educational, Family Oriented, International, Geeky.

The 2 runner up prizes of $250 go to Steven Goodwin and Lily Madar.

The Jambonz Winners are:

  • Adventury by Ryan Zheng, Jay Park, Vishal Chandrasekaran. Winning $1000. We love to travel, but as college students, we found it difficult to find adventures that fit into our tight schedules and budgets. So, we combined our love of traveling and computer science to create adventury, a platform that provides users with a mystery trip that is enhanced by Radisys and Jambonz! This also included a contribution from T-developer ‘because its cool’ prize money.
  • Consultant Assistant by Jared Ashcraft and David Sikes. Winning $500. An assistant that helps categorize and recognize useful information in calls to customers. The assistant will automatically assist you by performing actions related to conversation info such as: Creating contacts from name mentioned. This also included a contribution from T-developer ‘because its cool’ prize money.
  • Push To Talk on Microcontrollers by Sam Machin. Winning $500. BTW Sam is available and one of the best in programmable communications. Using Jambonz to create a method to dial into the PTT system and have realtime audio conversations between a phone and the badge unit. This is using the jambonz websocket feature to get 2-way real time voice and then the badges are connected via MQTT. This also included a contribution from T-developer ‘because its cool’ prize money.

Thank you to everyone involved in TADHack,
without you TADHack would not happen.

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