The Final Countdown, TADHack is this weekend, 15th and 16th October

Its the final countdown to TADHack Global 2022!

We’ve created a YouTube Welcome playlist to introduce TADHack and the global sponsors. If you’ve registered for a location: Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Colombia, France, Tampa, or the UK you’ll be hearing from your location leader soon. Sri Lanka is already well underway.

For remote registration you can start hacking whenever you like, not only on Saturday 15th. We mentioned last week that we’ve created a new $1k Remote Entry prize given all the remote entries registered this year. Also in that link you’ll see the remote entry procedure for your hack.

There are Global prizes from the global sponsors, Radisys, STROLID, and Jambonz, $1k each. There’s an additional $10k prize from Radisys for hacks using their resources. A $1k inclusion and accessibility prize. Everyone taking part in the locations also has a chance to win all these prizes mentioned, in addition to all the location prizes, which vary by location. And exclusively for the remote entries a $1k remote entry prize.

The first step for remote entry is go to TADHack Global 2022, scroll down to the Global Sponsor Developer Resources, click on each logo and review their resources (STROLID is coming soon, if its not already there).

You now know we’ve got lots of prize money, and what the global developer resources are about. Continue scrolling to the Guide to TADHack, and there you’ll find loads of information and answers to questions like, ‘How do I submit my remote entry?’ or ‘How do I get ideas for my hack?’ Remember all the sponsors want to help you have a successful TADHack, ask them about your ideas and how to implement it using their resources.

Wishing you a fun and successful TADHack Global 2022. Thank you for taking part in the largest, longest running, global hackathon focused on programmable communications.