Remote Entry Procedure

We’re not strict on when you start to hack, it’s OK to start before the TADHack weekend (21/22 Oct), so by the TADHack weekend you’re more relaxed.

Click on the Global Sponsor Logos in the Developer Resources section on the front page, sign up to their resources, and get hacking.

The most important thing is the pitch video of your hack. This is how the sponsors judge your hack. Its OK to submit your pitch video as soon as it’s ready, we’ve had remote entries submitted before the event has started, some arrive on Saturday, most on Sunday morning, and a few sneak in just before the deadline. Submitting early helps the judges, so helps your chances of winning.

The pitch video format is:

  • 5 minutes maximum, this is a strict limit. (Please do not speed the video up to squeeze it into 5 mins)
  • Introduce you / the team (and team name if you have one)
  • Introduce the hack name and a brief description
  • List the sponsor’s resources used in the hack – this is important to ensure the right sponsors judge your hack
  • Explain the hack, can be done through a simple presentation / demo / a little acting, whatever you / the team wants to do.
  • Please send your pitch video through when it is ready, by 2PM local time Sunday 22th Oct, noon ET (Eastern US / NYC) on Sunday at the very latest. For those in Europe, Africa, and Asia by 2PM local time really helps the judges have more time to review your hack.

Once you’ve got your video ready please upload your video to YouTube (if you do not have a YouTube account set it up NOW as it takes 24 hours to be confirmed).

Please send an email (info @ – remove spaces) with the following information (please include all this info, it is important, we have 75-100 pitches to review so organization is critical):

  • Wetransfer or Google Drive URL for your video file (so we can upload to the TADHack YT channel),
  • YouTube URL (this is a back-up in case we’re having internet problems or are overloaded)
  • The team name, the team member’s names, their emails, and if they have them Twitter handles.
  • Hack name and a brief description (3 or 4 lines).
  • List the sponsor’s resources used in the hack (which sponsors should judge your hack).
  • Attach any slides or photos used during the presentation.
  • Github URL (or other repository) of your code – please do this on Sunday as many people mean to upload but get busy after Sunday with the rest of their lives.

Thank you and good luck. If you have any other questions please ask.

P.S. All hacks will be promoted on the TADHack YouTube channel, we want to write weblogs on all of them. TADHack is focused on promoting developers. We’ve helped developers launch companies, get great jobs, and make a difference in their communities. If you have time and are able to draft a weblog about your entry in the weeks after TADHack Global, that would be great.