TADHack is Only 2 Weeks Away!

Thank you to everyone who has already registered for TADHack. If you have not yet registered, please do so before registration closes. TADHack is only 2 weeks away! Sri Lanka registration has just closed.

Next week we’ll have the full details of the global resources you can hack on, and enable sign-up to those resources. 

Check out the TADHack Guide if you have any questions. There are TADHack location prizes (up to $1k per location) as well as lots of local sponsor prizes (check out TADHack France for all their prizes), global prizes (1k per sponsor), a special accessibility and inclusion prize ($1k), a global remote entry prize ($1k), and an additional global sponsor prize of $5k from Radisys!

For 2022 we have 3 excellent global sponsors, in addition to many local sponsors:

  • STROLID is leading the creation of vCon, a standard for virtual conversations. Like vCard or iCal, this will become the way the web shares conversation. This is an important standard for all developers, and you’ll learn about it before anyone else at TADHack. We all have tens if not hundreds of conversations every day. Yet most are lost because there is no standard way to store and share them.
  • Jambonz is an open source CPaaS, think Twilio for free. For TADHack they are partnering with Cognigy, a leader in conversation automation. Cognigy has integrated jambonz into its Voice Gateway product, and between Cognigy’s low code platform and Jambonz you’ll be able to easily create powerful voice bots.  See https://www.cognigy.com/about for more details on the Cognigy platform.
  • Radisys’ Engage Digital Platform has an excellent drag and drop development platform,  as well as offering APIs and SDKs. They exposes lots of resources across communications, speech recognition, natural language processing, and video analysis. They want to help you bring your hacks to market. Your hack from TADHack could become your side hustle, and perhaps even your main business. And this news is hot off the press: there’s an additional $5k prize for the best hack using Radisys!

And finally, so you see we’re nice people at TADHack. Here are some short videos to informally introduce the global sponsors, you get to know the people behind the brands.

  • Dave from Jambonz, was on the US Rugby team for the 1987 World Cup. Yes, that is the Jungfrau in his background live!
  • Thomas from STROLID, is the cook for his family like me, though much more advanced 🙂 vCon is an important technology for everyone to learn.
  • Al and Adnan from Radisys, technology saved Al from becoming a lawyer 😉 As a kid Adnan had a Commodore 64 computer like me!

If you have not yet registered for TADHack, please do so before registration closes, thank you.