Spotlight on Africa’s Talking

Yusuf Kaka introduced me to Samuel Gikandi and Michael Kimathi of Africa’s Talking. BTW for any telco or business wanting to build a business and community around service exposure, there really isn’t anyone more experienced and driven than Yusuf. We’ve worked together for close to one decade.

Africa’s Talking Team

Introducing Africa’s Talking

The focus of this post is Africa’s Talking, we’re into the second year of working together. I wanted to share my experiences and more information on all the work Africa’s Talking does for developer communities around Africa.

Founded in 2010, Africa’s Talking works to lower the barriers to entry for developers and businesses to gain access to and create value with telecommunication infrastructure. They operate in 23 countries. Here are some slides that summarize what they do.

TADHack Global partnered with Africa’s Talking to run locations in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Kaduna, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala, Uganda. You can see the photos from all the TADHack Global locations here.

The quality of the hacks was impressive, at the end of this post are a few of the many excellent hacks created. Africa Talking also run AT Summits across Africa to educate and engage developer communities. Their Women in Technology initiative is cooperating with TADHack Open to improve the representation of women at TADHack.

I recommend working with Africa’s Talking, they’ll help you broadly engage across African developer communities in many countries.

TADHack Global 2023 Results

Emergency.kad; an emergency IoT system for environmental impact to improve health and life quality,

Chanjo is the swahili word for vaccination. This hack is an automated immunization reminder system for parents and guardians with newborn babies and automated follow up calls for missed immunizations.

AgriSight Ai is the project that aims to help farmers get real time data for infections, specifically Rust Diseases which reduces production level of their crops.

Implements Artificial Intelligence to detect infections and a Drone for surveying through the farm. This system was implemented using Deep learning Algorithm for video analysis by using Radisys APIs and integrating the output with a mobile application that is used by the farmers.

Also in the Application there is a call service to ensure that if a farmer has a problem we can get in touch with him/her. To implement this feature we use Jambonz APIs.

All the hacks can be seen on the TADHack YouTube channel.