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TADHack Open Partners with Ideamart for Women

We’re proud to announce Ideamart for Women is partnering with TADHack Open, 25-26 March. We hope to see many innovative hacks from Sri Lanka at TADHack Open. At TADSummit 2021 we had an excellent keynote on Ideamart for Women. I’m a big fan of what Ideamart has achieved. It’s a country-wide innovation ecosystem, that engages the whole … Continue reading TADHack Open Partners with Ideamart for Women

Why Ethereum Matters

At TADHack we’ve had hacks that included Bitcoin since the first TADHack in 2014. Mentioned in the Status sponsorship announcement we have celebs from the Ethereum community win at TADHack, such as Luis from Aragon. David Dias from Protocol Labs is a regular speaker at TADSummit, here are some of his contributions from 2016 and … Continue reading Why Ethereum Matters

Announcing TADHack Global 2016

TADHack Global will run over the 14-16th October (Friday-Sunday), locations will run on 2 of the 3 days. We have 32+ locations confirmed around the world including: Athens, Austin, Bangladesh – Dhaka, Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Kyiv (Ukraine), Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico, Moscow, Netherlands, NYC, Orlando, Oslo, Pakistan, Paris, San … Continue reading Announcing TADHack Global 2016

Democratizing Communication with Founders and Coders at TADHack-mini London

Rob Pickering (founder and CEO) and the IPCortex team have been at several TADHacks. They participated at the first TADHack in Madrid in the 2014, and won the Google prize for our RTCEmergency incident response hack. They’ve subsequently attended TADSummits and participated in last year’s TADHack-mini London event building Keevio eye, WebRTC on a drone, … Continue reading Democratizing Communication with Founders and Coders at TADHack-mini London

TADHackers Paris Part 2 on #vuc578,  Friday 29th January 1800 CET

On Friday 29th January we’ll have part 2 of TADHack Paris winners on #vuc578.  Erik Beijer, Vince Puglia, and Karel Bourgois will explain their hacks, share their experiences and discuss topics around telecom app development. The VoIP Users Conference is a weekly live discussion about VoIP, SIP, Asterisk and all kinds of telephony-related topics. It … Continue reading TADHackers Paris Part 2 on #vuc578,  Friday 29th January 1800 CET

TADS 2016

What is TADS? TADS is a grass roots initiative focused on building the telecom application development ecosystem to help businesses, developers, non-coders, really anyone who is interested use telecom capabilities in their applications, services and business processes. Telecommunications is a fundamental capability, now it is programmable it can revolutionize industries. The purpose of TADHack, TADHack-minis, … Continue reading TADS 2016

Cool Mash-up being planned by Wootag at TADHack-mini London

Thanks to everyone who has registered so far for TADHack-mini London 11-12 April, keep those registrations coming. Its going to be an amazing, packed event, with a diverse (and hence creative) mix of developers. We have a number of remote entries to the event. I wanted to highlight one being planned by an Indonesian start-up … Continue reading Cool Mash-up being planned by Wootag at TADHack-mini London

Why TADHack Matters

Raising the cash for TADHack this year has been an interesting experience, interesting as in the alleged Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. After the success of TADHack 2014, responding to the many requests for TADHack-minis, and meeting the demand for additional locations; the events have become quite large. In the interview with RealTimeWeekly we … Continue reading Why TADHack Matters

Pre and Post TADHack Surveys

Thanks to everyone for their great feedback on the pre and post TADHack surveys. A summary of the results is shown in the slides below.  We had 188 responses to the pre-event survey and 40 responses to the post-event survey.   You can see the 22 countries that responded to the survey in the slides. … Continue reading Pre and Post TADHack Surveys

Developer Spotlight: Ben Klang, Mojo Lingo

Ben Klang has been fascinated with communication technology since before he can remember. He has participated in (Real Time Communication) RTC-related startups, contributed to several Open Source projects such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH and ejabberd; leads the Adhearsion project (an Open Source real-time communications application framework), and even picked up an Amateur Radio license. Experienced with … Continue reading Developer Spotlight: Ben Klang, Mojo Lingo