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Telnyx $2500 bonus hack: 2FA with Verify!

Build your own two-factor authentication (2FA) with the new Verify feature from Telnyx to win an additional $2,500.00 (USD). The need for strong authentication is more important than ever before. Telnyx has made it so easy to create your own custom 2FA implementation with Verify. You can choose whether you want to validate via SMS, … Continue reading Telnyx $2500 bonus hack: 2FA with Verify!

TADHack Paris Part 3 on #vuc583, Friday 4th March 1800 CET

On Friday 4th March we’ll have part 3 of TADHack Paris winners on #vuc583. Rianne Goijarts (Goija), Steven Bakker (DesignTotal.nl), Adam Kalsey (Cisco), Tim Panton (Westhawk), and Johannes Ruetschi (Unify) will explain their hacks, share their experiences and discuss topics around telecom app development.  We’ll also give a quick update on TADHack Japan held over Valentines … Continue reading TADHack Paris Part 3 on #vuc583, Friday 4th March 1800 CET

TADHack Paris Review

TADHack Paris ran over the weekend of the 12th and 13th December at NUMA Sentier, just before the WebRTC Conference and Expo. The Hackathon focused on WebRTC and the sponsors’ resources: Apidaze, Circuit by Unify, Telestax, Tropo (CiscoSpark), Truphone, and VoxImplant. The sponsors provide an introduction to themselves and their resources in this TADHack Paris … Continue reading TADHack Paris Review

Newbies Guide to TADHack

If you’re new to TADHack, a newbie, this weblog is for you! Firstly, the sponsors making TADHack possible are: Apidaze, hSenid Mobile, Huawei, Nexmo, Oracle, Solaiemes, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, Ubuntu / Canonical; technology partners Appery.io, Metaswitch and Voxbone.  Check out the developer resources, there’s lots of free stuff to play with, and on the TADHack weblog … Continue reading Newbies Guide to TADHack