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How to Voxbone at TADHack-mini London 2016

By Sacha Nacar Torrey Searle and I participated in the TADHack mini hackathon in London this past weekend and we discovered some pretty cool things… Everybody loves Slack, there’s no denying it – we even tried mashing it up with our own APIs. However, what Slack lacks is the same ‘openness’ in voice/video communication. Yes … Continue reading How to Voxbone at TADHack-mini London 2016

Developer Spotlight: Sacha Nacar, Belgium

I walked in the 2015 TADHack-mini London hackathon with the only goal in mind to create something using a Voxbone (the company I work for) product and Telestax’s Restcomm AMI (Amazon Machine Image). I ended up winning a prize and became a “rockstar” for a day, all thanks to these two flexible technologies I used … Continue reading Developer Spotlight: Sacha Nacar, Belgium

TADHack mini London Review Part 2 of 3

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making TADHack mini London an amazing event. We had 98 people registered both onsite and remote, and over the 2 days we had 70 people take part (both onsite and remote) generating 18 world-class hacks, which demonstrate the power of telecom application development: from controlling drones in … Continue reading TADHack mini London Review Part 2 of 3

Jaime Casero’s TADHack Story

I won the RestComm/Telestax category at TADHack 2014 Madrid. You can see the video of my presentation for the Real Time Quiz hack. The solution is based in two components; Web and CC (Call Control) side, that is the telephone network. The web side, handles the contest logic. This logic is implemented as a very basic state machine, with the … Continue reading Jaime Casero’s TADHack Story

Newbies Guide to TADHack

If you’re new to TADHack, a newbie, this weblog is for you! Firstly, the sponsors making TADHack possible are: Apidaze, hSenid Mobile, Huawei, Nexmo, Oracle, Solaiemes, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, Ubuntu / Canonical; technology partners Appery.io, Metaswitch and Voxbone.  Check out the developer resources, there’s lots of free stuff to play with, and on the TADHack weblog … Continue reading Newbies Guide to TADHack

Improve your Hackathon App by adding Voxbone services

Great news from our technology partner, Voxbone! They can help you make your Hackathon submission more complete by integrating a landline or mobile phone number (aka DID) into your application. This is what you will get: An online account with access to the full Voxbone feature set Free usage of two landline or mobile DIDs … Continue reading Improve your Hackathon App by adding Voxbone services

Announcing Voxbone as TADHack Technology Partner

Voxbone is supporting TADHack as a technology partner. They are a critical technology behind several API providers such as 2600Hz, Plivo, Aculab Cloud and Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden. Voxbone is the market leader in providing worldwide geographical and toll-free telephone numbers (aka DIDs, Direct Inward Dialing). Voxbone enables cloud communications providers, global carriers and enterprises … Continue reading Announcing Voxbone as TADHack Technology Partner