TADHack mini London Review Part 2 of 3

tadhack mini londonThank you to everyone who was involved in making TADHack mini London an amazing event. We had 98 people registered both onsite and remote, and over the 2 days we had 70 people take part (both onsite and remote) generating 18 world-class hacks, which demonstrate the power of telecom application development: from controlling drones in the English countryside from the middle of London, through start-ups discovering they can extend their applications and services to any phone with a couple of hours of development, to innovative teaching applications using WebRTC.

This weblog described the second 6 pitches: PSTN to LyteSpark by Igor Pavlov, Instant Evaluation by Joris Swinnen, ffonio.in showcase by Aswath Rao, Collaborate and Educate by Media Interactive, and Matrix Bot by Scott Barstow and Anders Brownworth. You can see all TADHack mini pitches at YouTube playlist. I list the pitches in the order they were presented on Sunday afternoon.

PSTN to LyteSpark, Igor Pavlov (@pavlovigor), co-founder LyteSpark, UK

Igor was great, not only did he work on his hack, he helped several other hacks. Collaboration is an important part of TADHack. He showed how within a couple of hours he had extended the LyteSpark service to any phone. He was a joint winner of Apidaze prize ($500).

Instant Evaluation, Joris Swinnen (@jorisswinnen), Co-founder & Ideator o10tct, Belgium

Joris is leading the using of WebRTC to enable communications to be much more deeply analyzed, for example in interviews, but also in patient / healthcare-provider communication. He was excited the the potential Kandy.io has in enabling him to break from his browser applications onto mobile phones, and he explained how he will be developing his commercial app on it. Joris is a joint winner of Kandy prize ($500).

ffonio.in Showcase, Aswath Rao (@aswath), President EnThinnai, USA (Remote entry)

Aswath announced the technical review phase of ffonio.in, a voice and video app.

Collaborate and Educate, Mirko Orehek, Media Interactive, (Slovenia)

Media Interactive provide a complete elearning platform. They focused on the collaboration aspects of their platform using WebRTC and Dialogic XMS media server to ensure good quality experience on their service. They were the winners of the Dialogic prize.

Smart Dispatch, Sacha Nacar (@SachaNacar), Developer, Belgium

Nice contextual call dispatcher for mobile agents. Think of it as a WebRTC automatic call distribution, or an Olark for voice. The hack used Telestax / Restcomm, Voxbone and Nexmo. Sacha was a joint winner of Telstax prize ($500).

Matrix Bot, Scott Barstow (@scottbarstow) and Anders Brownworth (@anders94), Developers, USA (Remote entry)

The was definitely the most slick remote video. A similar configuration to Rob Pickering’s hack with a Raspberry pi using WebRTC for the video and using Matrix.org for the signalling to control the robot. They won the Matrix prize a Parrot Bebop Drone.

Other hacks are described in Part 1 and Part 3 of this series.

A big thank you to everyone who gave their time, congratulations to all the winners, thank you to Ideal London for providing a great venue and Feast Food for the catering. Please register for TADHack Global 13-14 June, locations include Chicago, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Istanbul, Israel, Sri Lanka (Colombo and Jafna), New Dehli, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia, and the comfort of your home (remote). Plus we’re trying to line-up additional locations in Dubin and Rayleigh, North Carolina. TADHack is a new kind of event, it is not easy to pull off, unfortunately many marketing people struggle to understand its relevance. My request is to all the CxOs who see the relevance of what we’re doing, start innovating in your marketing and take part in TADHack!

Below are some of the weblogs about people’s experiences with TADHack mini London:

Sebastian Schumann
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