TADHack Open Partners with Ideamart for Women

We’re proud to announce Ideamart for Women is partnering with TADHack Open, 25-26 March. We hope to see many innovative hacks from Sri Lanka at TADHack Open. At TADSummit 2021 we had an excellent keynote on Ideamart for Women.

I’m a big fan of what Ideamart has achieved. It’s a country-wide innovation ecosystem, that engages the whole country. We’ve worked together since the first TADHack Global in 2014.

In my opinion every telco and CPaaS provider should be implementing their version of Ideamart for Women.

Ideamart is broad, with over 100 APIs. It’s not just APIs, it’s also templates for non-programmers to create SMS and Android applications. IdeaMart has led the way in no-code / low-code since 2012. The Bay Area are only now catching up with them.

I cannot understate the importance of engagement and support in Idamart’s success, from schools through to women returning to work after children. Technology and processes are important, but more important is the human element. The engagement across the country, including Jaffna in the north, rural schools, Universities, and other groups is essential to IdeaMart for Women’s achievements of boosting the Ideamart female community by 4x , aiding more than 20 new startups, and created 5 millionaires.

To all the telcos and CPaaS providers out there: where are your female engagement metrics and ‘for women’ program? Without it you’re simply not achieving your country’s or program’s full potential. We’re proud Ideamart for Women is part of TADHack Open.

Thank you to Radisys for making TADHack Open possible. And thank you to WebRTC.Ventures for supporting TADHack Open and providing their COO, Mariana Lopez, to support the teams remotely.