Call for Sponsors and Partners, TADHack Open 2024, 23/24 March, weekend before EC24

TADHack is the largest global hackathon focused on programmable communications / telecoms since 2014. Consistency and credibility are key to TADHack’s continued success and large following. In addition to our no-BS approach, we stand up for developers and innovators, check out the TADSummit Podcast, and Alan Quayle’s blog.

This credibility is unmatched, see all the TADHacks over the Years. There are thousands of hacks, we’ve helped tens of new companies be formed, and helped hundreds if not thousands of people achieve more in their careers. Marketing events do not have credibility with developers.

If you claim to be in programmable comms / telecoms, that is use the acronyms / terms: CPaaS, CPaaSAI, CPaaS enabler, SMS aggregator, telecom / comms API, programmable UCaaS / CCaaS / IVR / Cloud Comms. And you do not have TADHacks, you have a credibility gap! The only company that gets a pass is Twilio, I’ve been asking them since 2014 (starting with James Parton, who I’ve known since his time at BT/O2/Bluevia) to be a part of TADHack.

TADHack’s YouTube channel has 130k views and 3500 hours of viewing with some pitches viewed 3-4k times. On LinkedIn we have 6k+ followers and average 50k impressions per week, the TADHack email list is 10k (active), the CXTech newsletter has 2-5k weekly views. We use TADSummit to drive awareness across the industry for all of TADHack, some TADSummit Podcast episodes achieve 10k+ views on 100k impressions. We continue to build engagement and reach across developers and the industry because TADHack is credible, not marketing spin.

There is no other event that delivers the developer, industry, and enterprise reach and credibility. The separate yet related TADHack / TADSummit brands and Alan Quayle’s long-established credibility, bring new blood into the telecoms / communications industry and help everyone involved in the events.

TADHack Open Details

In conjunction with Enterprise Connect since 2017 we run the pre-conference hackathon, TADHack Open. Winners from TADHack Open present at Enterprise Connect at a slot dedicated to TADHack on the first day of Enterprise Connect. The session normally has 60-80 people attend, and provides excellent endorsement of the sponsors and a talking point throughout the event. The pitch videos are normally live by Monday, enabling the content to be promoted at the start of EC24.

TADHack Openworks with groups committed to increasing the influence that women have in building the technologies that shape our culture and change our world. At TADHack Open 2023 we achieved equal representation between women and men, a first for TADHack. We hope to continue to achieve this balance again in 2024.

The hub location is Valencia College in Orlando, we’ve run at this location since partnering with Enterprise Connect in 2017. We’ll accept remote hacks from around the world. Think of it as a mini-TADHack Global with a session to showcase your hacks at Enterprise Connect.

TADHack Open Sponsor benefits are:

  • Credibility with a large community of developers skilled in programmable communications / telecoms, creating advocates for your platform around the world.
  • Feedback on the APIs, support, and other processes. It’s a great way to test out new capabilities with a friendly and knowledgeable community.
  • Logo in sponsor position on TADHack Open website and banner;
  • Coverage in the CXTech newsletter, on the TADHack weblog, the TADSummit Podcast and TADSummit events in March 2024 (TADSummit Special) and Oct/Nov 2024.
  • To win any of the TADHack prizes requires they use the sponsors’ technologies.
  • You can publish articles on the TADHack weblog or webinars in the run up to the event to educate people on your platform.
  • You have access to all TADHack photos and videos.
  • Session dedicated to TADHack at Enterprise Connect 2024, where your technology is showcased through hacks. 
  • Running the weekend before EC24 generates lots of interest on social media before and during the event, not just the dedicated EC session.

If you’d rather have your brand associated with the event as a partner rather than sponsor, we have lots of opportunities such as paying for lunch, dinner, or coffee.

TADHack Open Timeline

In January 2024 we start promoting the event, signing as a sponsor before then ensuring your logo is included in the initial marketing materials. In early-March we’ll run live online (and recorded) sessions on how to use the TADHack Open sponsors’ resources.

Generally, we do not set a problem to solve. We ask people to think about problems they see in their home, work and community. And think about how the sponsors’ technologies can be used to solve them. It’s OK to hack as a team or individually. Just remember, we’re flexible, if you want to set specific challenges that is fine, all you need do is ask.

The remote entry procedure is here: This ensures we have a broad range of hacks, and your resources are tested around the world, where appropriate.

Thank you to everyone who makes TADHack possible over the years