Save the Date 23/24 March, TADHack Open 2024

A big thank you to STROLID and The Cloud Communications Alliance for their support of TADHack Open 2024. We hope to add a couple more sponsors and partners over the coming months. The prize pot will get bigger as more sponsors come onboard.

Check out this winning hack built for STROLID at TADHack Global 2023, its a great resource. Plus you can learn about Jupyter Notebook, a web-based interactive computing platform that combines live code, equations, narrative text, visualizations, and more. I see more and more developers using them at work, its an important skill to have in your toolbox.

In conjunction with Enterprise Connect since 2017 we run the pre-conference hackathon, TADHack Open. Winners from TADHack Open present at Enterprise Connect at a conference slot dedicated to TADHack. The session normally has 60-80 people attend.

TADHack Open works with groups committed to increasing the influence that women have in building the technologies that shape our culture and change our world. At TADHack Open 2023 we achieved equal representation between women and men, a first for TADHack. We hope to continue to achieve this balance again in 2024.

The hub location is Valencia College in Orlando, we’ve run at this location since partnering with Enterprise Connect in 2017. We accept remote hacks from around the world. The remote entry procedure is here:

In early-March we’ll run live online (and recorded) sessions on how to use the TADHack Open sponsors’ resources. Save the date of 23/24 March, whether you plan to take part in-person or online, we’re excited to see your hacks 🙂 To register click on the green Register Now! button on the TADHack Open landing page.