Hello TADHackers,

We’re excited to announce that any teams participating in TADHack this year have the opportunity to jump the wait-list & use the Subspace lab network for their builds.

We’re currently offering our SIP Teleport, PacketAccelerator, & GlobalTURN products in a 2 week free access to supercharge your application on the only network fully optimized for Real-time applications. To sign up, simply find a time to connect with an expert here: 30 Minute Intro Call with Subspace


Subspace is a dedicated, secure network that provides acceleration for all real-time applications within and across global networks. Subspace helps companies create the best possible experiences for how the world works now. 

What is SIP Teleport? 

SIPTeleport, deployed globally, is a stateful SIP proxy that sits between a company’s telecom infrastructure and the user (or contact center agent). SIPTeleport takes advantage of all of Subspace’s inherent capabilities: active weather-mapping for optimal path selection, rerouting mid-call to avoid congested paths, inline DDOS protection without affecting performance.

These capabilities allow SIPTeleport to securely move RTP traffic via Subspace to/from the user and the PBX, while maintaining the most stable and reliable performance.

Get started with these resources:

What is PacketAccelerator? 

PacketAccelerator is a global IP-proxy that provides access to Subspace—a dedicated, secure internet for accelerating real-time applications. By providing an IP address and port, PacketAccelerator will provide a corresponding IP address and port enabling you to proxy all of your traffic from anywhere in the world to wherever you want it to go (via Subspace).

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What is GlobalTURN? 

GlobalTURN is a globally deployed TURN service and onramp to Subspace—a dedicated, secure internet for accelerating real-time applications. GlobalTURN enables global acceleration of WebRTC apps, while avoiding the need to manage and optimize your own TURN deployments, or use TURN providers that rely on the public internet to relay traffic.

Get started with these resources:

  • FAQ, more coming soon!

Check out this Subspace intro video:

We look forward to seeing some cool hacks built with Subspace at TADHack Global 2021!

Best of luck,

The Subspace Team