Claim your $150 in Credits NOW!

Hello TADHackers,

We look forward to seeing some cool hacks built with at TADHack Global 2021. is a Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform for developers. What is Conversation Intelligence? Simply put, AI that enables applications to contextually comprehend natural human conversations… not only understanding the spoken words, but also the context of entire conversations.

Curious about integrating AI into your app or just want to see what does? TADHack registrants who sign up (use the CTA below) for a developer account by October 8, 2021 will automatically receive $150 in credits to access all of our AI capabilities:

  • Real-time transcription (speech-to-text)
  • Contextual insights: questions, follow ups, action items, and more
  • Out of the box intelligence: topic modeling, sentiment analysis, comprehensive action items, summarization and more
  • Programmable trackers: user intents, keyword spotting, behavior tracking and more
  • Conversation analytics

Best Regards,
The Team