TADHack Global 2019 ??? is only One Month Away!

TADHack Global 2019


TADHack Global 2019 on 12-13 October is running across many locations around the world, see below. Please reserve 12-13 Oct in your diary for a great weekend at one of the largest and most diverse hackathons, now in its 6th year. Thank you.

We may not be as fashionable as the internet brand hackathons. However, we’re run by people who care about technology and their local communities. Who give their time for TADHack, and try and make a difference in the lives of everyone who takes part and their communities. Please carry on reading to learn about TADHack Global. I hope to see you on the 12-13 Oct, its going to be fun and will make a difference in your life 🙂

Please Register here for TADHack Global

We have Global sponsors Telesign (Mobile Identity, Trust), Simwood (Programmable Telecoms, Fraud Protection), and VoIP Innovations (Programmable Telecoms). Check out their resources on the TADHack front page.

With local sponsors and supporters across many locations: MTN, Inovo, IIT RTC Labs, Cluster Creatic, Aplisay, hSenid Mobile, IdeaLondon, Automat Berlin, Vio Networks, KPN API Store, and Speakup NL. They make all these locations possible:

You can learn more about taking part in TADHack here (weblog is from 2018 but its still mostly relevant). Please register by clicking on a location convenient from the TADHack front page, or remote if there is no location near you, and complete the simple registration form. You’ll have fun, meet great people, and perhaps even change the world through your hack!

During TADHack we use Riot for communicating and collaborating. You can sign up to Riot here.

Check what we’ve got up to over the years, and what people think about TADHack:

TADHack is for Everyone: it’s an event where people (e.g. students, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, product managers, IT Managers, coders and non-coders, interested individuals, and subject-matter-experts) collaborate on a software project. Occasionally, there is a hardware component, for example we’ve had some impressive IoT (Internet of Things) hacks over the years, including a robot dancing La Macarena using decentralized web technology.

TADHack Global is made possible thanks to hundreds of people around the world who love technology, and are excited by the democratization of technologies so anyone can use them. They run locations because they want to educate, inspire, and make a difference in people’s lives and the communities they live in. The TAD in TADHack stands for Technology Application Development.

Our hacks include programmable telecoms (voice, video, messaging, phone ID, mobile identity), blockchain, encryption, authentication, trust, Ethereum, internet of things, cloud computing, robotics, machine learning, speech and face recognition, trust ratings, mobile payments, enterprise communications, decentralized web, open source, and many other technologies. Check out previous years’ hacks from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

We’ve helped refugees find lost family members, farmers irrigate their fields better, keep online discussions civil, teams launch companies based on their hacks, the homeless affordably access legal services, improve emergency aid distribution, with thousands of hacks over the years.

At TADHack Global you’ll be able to solve problems that matter to you through mashing up identity, trust, fraud protection, and programmable telecoms / communications from Simwood, Telesign, and VoIP Innovations. We’re really excited at what we’re going to see from around the world, it’s going to be revolutionary!

Please Register here for TADHack Global

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