TADHack Chicago to be hosted at Illinois Tech’s Kaplan Institute

Ed KaplanTADHack Chicago has been part of TADHack Global since its founding in 2014, thanks to the support of the Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communication Labs. We’re delighted to announce for 2019 TADHack Chicago will run at the Ed Kaplan Family Institute For Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship, the new innovation hub on the campus of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.

TADHack is a series of hackathons that run around the world to help people learn about the latest Internet, IT, and Telecoms technologies; and most importantly use those technologies to solve problems that matter to them. It’s one of the largest global hackathons in the world, running in over 40 countries, with 12k registrations, helping people launch new businesses and services.

The video below, and this weblog, share some of TADHack’s achievements in the past 5 years, since the first TADHack Global in June 2014 to the recent massive TADHack Global 2018.

One of TADHack’s founding principles is diversity. We were one of the first hackathons to encourage anyone to take part, not just coders. TADHack has proven year after year that diverse teams win, and then go on to make their ideas reality, and change the world for the better.

Illinois Tech’s Kaplan Institute attracts innovative and entrepreneurial students from across the campus and beyond who come to learn how to convert their creative ideas into significant and viable businesses, services, and new solutions. They will become the leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the future discovering, addressing, and solving serious and consequential problems.

With such similar visions, we’re excited to be working together for the benefit of the Illinois Institute of Technology and the wider Chicago community with TADHack Chicago, on the 12th and 13th October 2019. Please register here, and remember you do not need to be a coder to take part.

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