Spotlight on MyMobileUniversity by Rani Wemel and Wemel Cumavoo

MyMobileUniversitymymobileuniversity was founded by Rani Wemel and her husband Wemel Cumavoo.  Its a global initiative to impact lives through education, and was one of the top 3 finalist in Celcom’s TADHack Malaysia.

LTT Global has been pioneering mobile learning since 2004. MyMobileUniversity is a global initiative to impact lives through innovative learning technologies. They provide access to digital resources to promote lifelong learning, and life skills for young people and adults from anywhere at any time aimed to enhance growth and income of individuals.

MyMobileUniversity is a totally self funded initiative and any kind of help and support is greatly appreciated, they can be contacted through their website.

Their goals are :

  • To impact lives of people through education anywhere, anytime for all ages;
  • To have focused channels on youth development, woman and girl child empowerment;
  • To promote equal access to education and inclusion, of the most vulnerable segments of society, via ICT so as to ease an individual’s access to learning;
  • To power human capital development; and
  • To catalyze growth and income of individuals.

The platform is mobile and web based and is accessible on multiple devices eg: via PC, laptop, tablets, i-pads, mobile phones that are connected to the internet.

A learner is able to access thousands of digital resources from MyMobileUniversity’s 20+ channels in the form of courses, e-books video, etc, via Universities and College programs; Entrepreneur and Business Programs; Computer Science and IT Programs inclusive of Mobile App Development Programs; Professional Courses, Soft Skills and Skills Training for Workplace; Global Health and Medicine; Programs for Teachers; Programs for Teens and Children; Worldwide Radio and News; Video Talks and Lectures; Life Skills and Lifestyle Programs covering Motivation, Music, Art and Hobbies; Education Software Tool. Today one is able to learn from anywhere at any time.

Some of the highlights in the past 18 months include:

  • MyMobileUni was proud to be a Top 3 finalists Celcom’s TADHack Malaysia, a programme held in conjunction with  TADHack Global.
  • Apple and Android MyMobileUni apps are available courtesy of Mr Waleed Ahmad, now available at the respective App Stores.
  • Formed partnerships to impact lives through education with NGOs’ in Malaysia, India, Africa and now in Nepal….more coming up soon.
  • Goodwill Ambassadors signed up from 15 plus countries to impact lives through their individual efforts to the respective communities in their region.
  • Event Learning Partners for several international and local events.
  • Monthly networking session called Learn with MyMobileUni, it is held every 3rd Saturday of the month, do check out their Facebook page ( ) for more updates.
  • Launched Premium Services for organisations, NGOs’ and academia called the LTT Cloud which consists of a Knowledge Resource Centre, Content Creation Tool and the Learning Management System. This is their revenue model to sustain their global initiative with the FREE learning platform.

Together they look forward to empower people by enhancing their digital literacy and empowering them via education to improve their livelihood and give a positive impact to their workplace, social and community circle.

Your support will add to the success of the initiative, please contact Rani or Wemel or donate through MyMobileUniversity.

Wemel and Rani

And here are some of the latest news: