Developer Spotlights from hSenid Mobile

hSenid Mobile tadhack sri lankaThe deployment of hSenid Mobile’s API Management System – TAP (Telco Application Platform) – with multiple operators has created an ecosystem of entrepreneurial Telecom Application Developers. The self service capability across the entire application lifecycle helped developers quickly build applications and get them in market.

The TAP platform offers a wide range of APIs accessing Telco Assets and providing new ways of earning revenue. Operators are able to spur external innovation by nurturing a developer community who create apps with commercial and social value. The close relationship between Telcos and hSenid Mobile helped in creating a vibrant Developer Ecosystem for all its customers that grows stronger every day.

This article highlights some of the developer success stories of Dialog’s Ideamart, which has changed the way of life in Sri Lanka, addressing many common social issues.

Highlights include:

Digital Irrigation Automation – a M2M innovation that will change the way irrigation is done.

SOS Children’s Villages – a generic charity application, changing the way donations are made for charities.

Dialog Shuttle Manager – Telco App meeting internal requirements of an organization, where Long Tail was proven

Offer Hut – One stop offer platform earning high revenues a month

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