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TADHack Chicago / North America 2020

TADHack Chicago / North America  run by the Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications Labs has been part of TADHack since the beginning in 2014. The Chicago dev community and the area’s students (both high school and university) have generated year-on-year world-class hacks. We’re hoping to have both in-person, and most definitely remote hacking at TADHack … Continue reading TADHack Chicago / North America 2020

Quick Summary of TADHack Global Day 1

Thank you to everyone taking part in TADHack Global 2019. You’re part of something special; talent and innovation is everywhere! We hope taking part in TADHack makes a difference in your life. With TADHack Global 2019 Day 1 coming to a close, here are some highlights created over the day. Thanks to our global sponsors … Continue reading Quick Summary of TADHack Global Day 1

Simwood sponsors TADHack Global 2019

We’re excited to announce Simwood are sponsoring TADHack Global 2019. Simwood are well known to anyone who has been about the open-source telephony scene. They operate a global network, in places down to the fibre in the ground, the network routers and telecoms switches – an almost obsessive elimination of supply chain to control everything. … Continue reading Simwood sponsors TADHack Global 2019

TADHack Chicago 2017

As part of TADHack Global 2017’s first weekend, I attended the Chicago location run by the IIT RTC Labs. Chicago has been part of TADHack since its founding in 2014. Each year it gets bigger and better. The themes I took from Chicago this year are a stronger focus on community and humanitarian problems; and … Continue reading TADHack Chicago 2017

Spotlight on TADHack Chicago

TADHack Chicago has run every year since the first ever TADHack in June 2014, we started with one location, Madrid, and ended up adding four satellite locations as people wanted to join in the fun, so TADHack Global was born. Today we’re at over 30 locations around the world. The other locations with this distinction … Continue reading Spotlight on TADHack Chicago

TADHack Review

TADHack is the only global meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create across the breath of telecom tools and technologies. All telecom technologies and platforms were present at TADHack.  Its a broad and open event with the focus on how all developers regardless of telecoms knowledge can use telecom technologies. … Continue reading TADHack Review