Quick Summary of TADHack Global Day 1

TADHack Global Day 1

Thank you to everyone taking part in TADHack Global 2019. You’re part of something special; talent and innovation is everywhere! We hope taking part in TADHack makes a difference in your life. With TADHack Global 2019 Day 1 coming to a close, here are some highlights created over the day.

Thanks to our global sponsors for making TADHack possible: Telesign (Mobile Identity, Trust), Simwood (Programmable Telecoms, Fraud Protection), and VoIP Innovations (Programmable Telecoms).

And thanks to all our local sponsors and supporters across the many locations: MTN, IIT RTC Labs, Cluster Creatic, Aplisay, hSenid Mobile, IdeaLondon, Automat Berlin, Vio Networks, KPN API Store, and Speakup NL.

TADHack Johannesburg and Popayan were massive, with Johannesburg getting close to 250 people, an amazing result, well done Elisja and team. All locations were larger than last year, with Belgrade achieving the hardest thing; doing its first TADHack – well done Milovan and all the Telesign Belgrade team. Initial estimated are about 500 people across the locations, and we have 110 people registered for remote entries. We’ll know by Sunday afternoon how many remote entries are received.

TADHack Chicago this year is running at the Kaplan Institute, judged by ArchDaily as one of 23 buildings you shouldn’t miss in Chicago! It’s an impressive facility, thank you Illinois Tech, Prof Carol Davids and her team for making TADHack Chicago possible.

The live stream and photos coming from TADHack Johannesburg are impressive, its the live stream most locations are watching as it also scrolls through the live streams of other locations as well. Inti, my video person, is very impressed and a little but jealous of what you’ve achieved on your live stream 🙂 Below is a picture of TADHack Johannesburg with the TADHack Belgrade live stream playing.

TADHack Global Day 1

Below are the TADHack Global Day 1 live streams, as you can see we’re having lots of fun learning and creating. And here is the playlist of all the TADHack Global 2019 live streams, so you can watch live on Day 2.

Belgrade Day 1 Live Stream

Berlin Day 1 Live Stream

Chicago Day 1 Live Stream

Johannesburg Day 1 Live Stream

London (we’re working on it)

The Netherlands Day 1 Live Stream and a timelapse of the live stream

Popayan Day 1 Live Stream