Simwood sponsors TADHack Global 2019

Simwood-Logo-AWWe’re excited to announce Simwood are sponsoring TADHack Global 2019.

Simwood are well known to anyone who has been about the open-source telephony scene. They operate a global network, in places down to the fibre in the ground, the network routers and telecoms switches – an almost obsessive elimination of supply chain to control everything. But they love to break new ground in how to do things, giving back in talks and sponsorship at all the major open source conferences for many years. They’ve been about since 1996 too, when they were the first global gateway between SMS and internet, both of which looked like they may catch on.

What they do in programmable telecoms is geeky, cool, and above all customer focused. From developer-friendly APIs and human-friendly interfaces, to their unconventional approach to fraud protection, Simwood empower their customers and champion a fair and transparent marketplace in telecommunications. Irreverent founder Simon Woodhead thinks nothing of calling out industry regulators and monopolies, and Simwood punches well above its weight in voice and influence.

That isn’t to say their voice or influence is small though. From UK roots, Simwood is now also licensed in the USA and is building out network there, with teams on both sides of the pond. It has customers in 52 countries and more than 7m numbers on-net, many hosted for other carriers. Their telephony services are behind many successful VoIP providers (ITSPs) and carrier customers, who are often co-located in one of Simwood’s 13 data centres, in 5 Availability Zones, and building on-top of the Simwood APIs.

Simwood passionately believe technology convergence can change the world for the better and they exist to enable that change. Put another way, programmable telecoms from Simwood can make the world better, through helping solve problems that matter to you across your work, family and community life. Which is exactly what TADHack is all about ?They care deeply about end-user privacy and security though, something Simon has not only written the book about but keynotes about.

Check out Simwood’s resources for TADHack Global here.

They will have some of their people at the Chicago, Berlin, Johannesburg, and London locations. And will be providing online support for everyone else around the world. I’m really happy we’ll have 2 Simwood people in Johannesburg, I was trying to get there myself this year, but couldn’t get back in time for TADSummit Americas.

TADHack is a series of hackathons that run around the world to help people learn about the latest Internet, IT, and Telecoms technologies; and most importantly use those technologies to solve problems that matter to them. It’s one of the largest global hackathons in the world, running in over 40 countries, with 12k registrations, helping people launch new businesses and services.

It’s an event where people (e.g. students, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, product managers, IT Managers, coders and non-coders, interested individuals, and subject-matter-experts) collaborate on a software project. Occasionally, there is a hardware component, for example we’ve had some impressive IoT (Internet of Things) hacks over the years, including a robot dancing La Macarena using decentralized web technology.

TADHack Global is made possible thanks to hundreds of people around the world who love technology, and are excited by the democratization of technologies so anyone can use them. They run locations because they want to educate, inspire, and make a difference in people’s lives and the communities they live in. The TAD in TADHack stands for Technology Application Development.

Our hacks include programmable telecoms (voice, video, messaging, phone ID), blockchain, encryption, Ethereum, internet of things, cloud computing, robotics, machine learning, speech and face recognition, trust ratings, mobile payments, enterprise communications, decentralized web, open source, and many other technologies. Check out previous years’ hacks from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

We’ve helped refugees find lost family members, farmers irrigate their fields better, keep online discussions civil, teams launch companies based on their hacks, the homeless affordably access legal services, improve emergency aid distribution, with thousands of hacks over the years.

At TADHack Global you’ll be able to solve problems that matter to you through using Simwood’s APIs mashed up with any other resources you like. We’re really excited at what we’re going to see from around the world, it’s going to be revolutionary!

This weblog share some of TADHack’s achievements over the past 5 years, since the first TADHack Global in June 2014 to TADHack Global 2018.


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