TADHack Chicago / North America 2020

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TADHack Chicago / North America  run by the Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications Labs has been part of TADHack since the beginning in 2014. The Chicago dev community and the area’s students (both high school and university) have generated year-on-year world-class hacks.

We’re hoping to have both in-person, and most definitely remote hacking at TADHack Chicago / North America. The physical location will be the Ed Kaplan Family Institute For Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship, it’s a massive venue, there will be no problem social distancing. And finally hand sanitizer is widely available 🙂


As remote entry is part of every TADHack location this year because of COVID-19, the catchment area for TADHack Chicago will be anyone in North America who would like to take part remotely, so please register here.

For this year, an additional to the Global Sponsors: Simwood, Sangoma and Avaya; we have two Chicago location sponsors Intelepeer and Symbl.ai. You can see all their resources for Chicago / North America here.

We’ve had so many hacks over the years, a few that come to mind are:

  • Grocery Go! by Bill Boyd, Sachi Shirasake, Ofra Orz, and Rennell Garrett was a great mash-up, including the sponsor Carrefour. I remember the Carrefour team were impressed with Grocery Go! Carrefour had such a hard time picking a winner from all the great hacks from around the world, we had to delay announcing the results for several days, which was a bit embarrassing.

  • A review of TADHack Chicago over the years must mention Team ‘ProbatioNerds’ of Adnan Baleh, Caterina Lazaro, Javier Garcia, Ernesto G. Grabwosky, Sergio Gil and Marion Le Callonnec. A Trossen Robotics HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton using Matrix to control the robot danced the Macarena, how cool is that!

  • If there was a prize for sheer audacity then Tech Buddy by Will Brickner and Dechen Tsechen would win. They turned up at lunchtime on Sunday, a couple of hours before the pitches. And had their hack working minutes before giving their pitch. Also the pitch was quite understated 😉

I feel bad for picking on a few of the hacks, here are most of the impressive hacks created over the years:

Thank you to the Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications Labs for running TADHack Chicago / North America since 2014. And also the Chicago dev community and the area’s students for creating year-on-year world-class hacks. Don’t forget to register (either in-person or remote).

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