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Marquis de Geek’s TADHack Global 2021 Review

Thank you to Steve Goodwin for the excellent feedback. The original weblog is here, this is a copy. I’m writing this the week after TADHack finished, and all the prizes have been cashed. However, all these thoughts were had during the hackathon itself, before even the local prizes were announced, so the results have not … Continue reading Marquis de Geek’s TADHack Global 2021 Review

TADHack London / Bristol / UK

London has been part of TADHack since 2015, when we ran our first TADHack-mini before the WebRTC Global Summit. Mini’s are smaller hackathons focused on one location.  Ideal London has generously supported TADHack London through the years. For 2020 Idea London is needed for office space given social distancing requirements. However, TADHack Global 2020 sponsor Simwood have … Continue reading TADHack London / Bristol / UK