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TADHack London

London has been part of TADHack since 2015, when we ran our first TADHack-mini before the WebRTC Global Summit. Mini’s are smaller hackathons focused on one location.  Ideal London has generously supported TADHack London through the years. For 2020 Idea London is needed for office space given social distancing requirements.

However, TADHack Global 2020 sponsor Simwood have an amazing office space in Bristol, where social distancing will be easy.  And given all TADHack locations will run at least virtually with some running hybrid (both virtual and in-person), we’ll have our first TADHack Bristol / United Kingdom in 2020, and the London regulars can still take part remotely, or take the train. Also Rob Pickering, founder CEO of aplisay, will be there helping us run the location, thanks Rob.


TADHack London has generated so many interesting stories.  Sacha Nacar was involved in the first TADHack in 2014. Through TADHack-mini London 2015 he discovered UCL. He left his employer to take a Masters Degree at UCL. While there he took part in TADHack-mini London 2016, won with a hack on Cisco Spark, and ended up working for Cisco in the Bay Area. You can read more about Sacha’s amazing story here.

Some of our youngest and oldest winners have come from TADHack London. Through TADHack we were fortunate to meet Steven Goodwin (Marquis de Geek). Steven has generated some of the funniest and geekiest hacks.  I’m always pleased when I know Steven will be joining us. In 2019 he created a Simwood Node Library,  wrapping the Simwood API in a node Library. Simwood had this on their todo list for some time, and Steven got it done for them, in addition to several other hacks.

We’ve also had some amazingly technical hacks, one in particular from Matt Williams and Yin Yee, from 2017 comes to mind. RINA is the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture, a modern replacement for both TCP and IP.  They set out to get Project Clearwater (the open-source, cloud-native IMS core that Matt worked on for Metaswitch (now Microsoft)) running over RINA.  What they achieved in 24 hours was impressive. You can read more about what they did here. BTW Matt and Yin Yee are now married, and recently had their first child. Congratulations 🙂 Couples that hack together…. We have other couples’ stories, e.g. in Melbourne Australia.

You can check our other hacks from TADHack London over the years here.

Here are the playlists of all the hacks created over the years, so you can appreciate the fun we’ve had over the years at London:

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