TADHack Popayán / Colombia 2020


Thank you to the amazing Centro de desarrollo tecnológico CreaTIC team based in Popayán, Colombia. They promote and strengthen technology-based entrepreneurship in the department of Cauca. This will be their 4th year leading TADHack Popayán. We’re proud of all they have achieved, it is truly world-class.

Recently ANDRES MACA became a Software Engineer at VeriTran, a TADHack Popayán winner. We reported this in the CXTech Newsletter Week 8 2020.  It’s great to see people who took part in TADHack Popayán achieving career success.

Because of COVID-19 TADHack Popayán / Colombia will run virtual, and will accept remote entires from anyone in Colombia, not just Popayán.

TADHack Popayán is now in its 4th year. You can see all the hacks from 20172018, and 2019 in these playlists, and some of the photos in the picture below. Popayán has produced global winners every year, with impressive hacks that received special commendation from the global sponsors. TADHack Popayán is a great example of how high tech skills and innovative talent are everywhere, not just in the Bay Area.

In June last year Centro de desarrollo tecnológico CreaTIC ran SuperHack.  The competition began in February with a call to schools across Cauca. 1,200 children and adolescents were trained in science, technology and innovation topics. From which the 96 children and adolescents between the ages of 11-17 were selected (24 teams of 4 members each) to represent their schools at SuperHack.  You can read more on the Centro de desarrollo tecnológico CreaTIC weblog.

TADHack Popayán

Here is the playlist of all the TADHack Popayán 2019 hacks. Highlighting a few of the hacks:

Universal help network by Brayan Mamian, Jonathan Ibarra, Cristian Gòmez, Tania Cañizares. Is a network that connects users and specialists to solve their needs on information or specialized advice. Used for users to request information needs and, on the other hand, specialists who take the information request and resolve it, the requests can be complemented through multimedia resources. example: a user consults: “”my puppy got sick and has the following symptoms …”” and the specialist takes the request and answers about possible diagnoses”. Won Telesign Global Prize and Location Prize.

Helpme by Daniel Andrés Alean Mera, Cristhian Alejandro Cañar Muñoz, David Argote, Jhonatan Mariaca, and Edwin Hair Hidalgo. Help the homeless to improve the quality of life, through a donation network of people and foundations. The app publishes the photo and location of the homeless with a short story so that they can help them. Won Location Prize.

Id_Park by Sebastian Caldon, Valentina vásquez, Juan Benavides,
James Tumbaqui Toro. They’re solving parking slot problem, using location to find the available spots and trusteable. The quotas separation is done through payment methods. Won Location Prize.

Here is a playlist of all TADHack Popayán 2018 hacks.

TechTeamCo by Andrea, Sebastian, Giovanni, Camila, David using Telestax. Geolocation system in catastrophe situations to rescue people using USSD or SMS. Then use the data for analysis and prevention of future catastrophes. Won Location Prize and Telestax Global winner.

R+ by Susana, Julián, Camilo using Temasys. Implementation of augmented reality to an online multiplayer game with 3D features, they used the temays sdk to enable the online multiplayer features. Won Location Prize.

DoctorNowTeam by Fabian, Camilo, Manuel, Javier using Temasys. Delay in appointment management with medical specialists in remote zones, it’s a web platform that allows to connect patients with specialists, It uses Temasys for video calls and messaging for communication in order to facilitate communication from remote or rural places to provide health services, through telehealth. Won Location Prize.

RM5— Juan Daza, Camilo Segura, Mauricio Maca —app to capture student marches, document abuses and connect people with legal help.  Here is a great weblog by the team describing their hack. The  Dnuncia Platform that won the Status Global Prize. Yet another Global winner from Popayán 🙂

Here is a playlist of all TADHack Popayán 2017 hacks.

Thank you to the Centro de desarrollo tecnológico CreaTIC team for your dedication, leadership, and ongoing partnership with TADHack Global.

Please register for TADHack Popayán / Colombia here.

TADHack Popayán